Monday, June 1, 2015

Trip to Ancient Rome

 Went back to Ancient Rome

well this last week has been a blast!
lot's of adventures. Our investigator carlos that's in North Carolina for the next month, has texted us a few times, and he's amazing still! haha in short, he's getting baptised when he comes back, and is already planning a ward barbecue at his home here in miami. in short he's amazing. haha
we also have another investigator named Maria, who's prepping for baptism, and she's awesome. Working with her is a little different, but she has recieved a spiritual withness that the church is true and that it's where she needs to be baptised. She's great! 
Well theres a cool experience i'd like to share with yall really quickly.
We were going along one day and i saw this little plaque that said,
He who plants a garden, plants happiness. Keep that in mind as you watch this video,
(mom put this video on the blog)

God the master Gardner, knows who we are, adn what we need, to be happy, and what will be the best for us. It's up to us to just follow him, and remember this: We are still learning. God knows all. 
follow him, and learn the best. 
i love you all! 
E Wardell