Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchange day with Elder Moorali...funniest kid on the planet

Signing a bat at the house...
there were already a bunch of missionary signatures on it....

Ready to go....biking that day....

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell here's the scoop. 
     So, this last week, we had a specialized training with the north half of the mission, where we talked aloooooot about love unity and obedience, and what it could do for us. the AP's had posed a question, "why are these three things important?" And i had a thought come to mind. The city of Enoch, when it was taken up into Heaven, was nothing short of Miraculous. Personally i think it's one of the most miraculous things to have transpired in history. (next to christ's ministry) And the simple reason that it happened, was because of pure obedience. The people of the city were exactly obedient. and becasue they were, they had unity. and love, and everything was just happy and righteous. because it was so righteous god just brought the whole city up.
Miracles come by obedience simple as that. 
that was my thought, though i kept it to myself. i did have to smile though when the ap's last slide had said Obedience (Unity+Love) = Miracles. haha 
So, right now, we are working with the most wonderful person named Fito, and his wife Laura. They were absolutlely stunned, when we knocked on the door to ask if we could share a prayer with them, and that we came in the name of the savior. They said that they believe we are messengers of Jesus Christ. And when we taught the restoration, they absolutely LOVED it, though, the whole authority part was a little lost on them, but it's ok because we are going over there friday and will be going over that with them. But before we left, we told them that we wanted them to pray. We taught them that because we are not god, we cannot prove a single thing to them, that only the father can. so we told them that they needed to pray, with sincerity, with real intent, and with faith in christ, if our messages that we had to share with them, is what God wanted for them. and we promised them that God would answer their prayer through the holy ghost, that it would be a most wonderful feeling, a little different than anything else they had ever felt before, but that they would know. 
As we were leaving, Fito set a return appointement with us before we were able to set one with them! haha and when he was walking away i asked him "hey, what are you going to do tonight?"
and he replied with "im praying as soon as i get to the house!" they are awesome!

So, a rather fun thing happened yesterday. So I'm pretty sure the water here is about as imported as my companion. and by imported i mean it's gotta BE from Jupiter because the water is NASTY. tastes so bad. So, me being me, and deciding it was time for some ingenuity, i decided that it would be time to make a distiller. We have a steamer, and a fridge, and an empty 3 gallon water bottle, so Hey, this will be easy right? so we put the fridge as cold as it would go, put a bunch of ice in the bottle, rigged up the steamer hose so that it was """""sealed""""" onto the bottle, (hey, there's only so much you can do with tin foil and duct tape. this was a loooow budget project ;) ). then we set the bottle in the fridge, taped the hose in place, closed the fridge door as much as it would go, taped it "shut" and stuffed a bunch of towels in all the cracks... Yes, this was well thought out ;)
then we fired up the steamer, and away it went!
it seemed like such a good idea, and about five minutes later, as i was checking to make sure there wasn't a whole lot of cold escaping, i made a rather interesting discovery. not only was the cold not escaping, the HEAT was escaping! haha i opened it up and the bottle was losing it's shape and the duct tape was practicly melted. and in short, failed project haha. don't worry, the fridge is empty because we are starving missionaries. haha jk it's cause we decided it was time to do some clean up.
a rather fun story. Well,
looks like that'd be all for this week. love you guys!
Elder Wardell

Moving North....


 Me and My new Comp

Weeeeeeeell here's the scoop.
sooooo, i went North! waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to the northern side of the mission. literally 100 miles north of homestead. It get's more interesting. So in the mission, when two missionaries get transfered out of their area, it's called a whitewash. When two missionaries come into an area, they are the whitewashers. Well, i whitewashed into an area known as Jupiter south, Yes, i'm on another planet now haha. Whats really interesting, is my companion, Elder Rubio, is my same age!!!!!!!!!! haha we literally came into the mission together on the same flight. he came from provo mtc so he's a little bit more pagan than me, but other that he's an AWESOME guy. He's from philipines!
What's really funny is that Rubio, is a reaally latin name, and it means blonde, or blonde one. 
So, elder Rubio, who's dark haired and doesn't speak spanish, is whith a gringo, who is blonde and speaks spanish. kinda interesante! haha and another thing, is that on our first night in the mission, all of us missionaries went and placed book of mormons together. Elder Rubio and I were together when we placed book of mormons, and are now companions! it's really awesome!
so yeah he's going to teach me cebuano, and tagalog and i'm going to teach him spanish so hopefully we stay together for 2 transfers! 
Oh another funny thing, is that Danny's parents live up here in the Jupiter Ward. i saw them on sunday and we were like "HEY! i know you!!!" also there's a member here in this ward, who's related to the Trotter family from my homestake! haha SHOUT OUT TO THE TROTTERS!!!
well some good news that came out of homestead, The young man, michael perez, that we were working with, i am happy to say that he was just baptised yesterday. and the Ramos family, has now been set with dates!
I was really happy to see that the work that Elder Park and I did was not in vain!
Well, i believe that might be all on the scoop for this week. love you all!
Elder Wardell

 Excited to be in the car....

Our district..cept we were missing two sisters...

coincidence? who knows 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving day....Hasta la Vista Homestead

This is one of my favorites... Happy in all circumstances even being soaking wet from the Florida rain....

(no pictures this week, so I picked one of my favorites from his first Area in Miami)


weeeeeell heres the scoop.
our last week wasnt so great, and we decided that we wanted that to change. so we worked harder this week and had an awesome! week!
we finished the week out with a ton of new investigators, a ton of progressing investigators, and a bunch of people came to church!
we were really blessed to be able to find some really new and amazing people who have all accepted baptism! sadly though,
we will not be the ones to see all of this happen, becasue Elder Park and I, are both being transferred. By this timetomorrow, we will both of us be in different areas with different companions. It's a little saddening, because i have really loved my time in homestead, with all of the different people! but, the lord has his purpose and his plan, and has somewhere else for me to be right now, so i say ONWARD!!!! haha I really love you guys,
and next week, i could be emailing from Key West, or from a lot farther north, where it's legitimate hillbilly status, good ole south. (of course i hope for the latter ;) )
till next week!
Elder Wardell

Monday, November 3, 2014

Teaching and Pie eating...the adventures continue

Night Vision Goggles from Elder Park's mom.... Elder Wardell on left, Elder Urmstron up top, Elder Anderson in middle. Elder Park on far right....made for a fun "Halloween".....


well here's the scoop.
  so, this last week wasn't our best week, we unfortunately did not have miles for the last of the month, so we were on bike, and then we had some problems with the bikes, and on top of that it was Halloween which kinda puts a damper on things so...
but, just because it wasn't the best overall week, does not mean that we didn't have amazing things happen this week!
one of the biggest things, happened yesterday. so there's this less active member who lives in our ward. he called us up a while ago and said, and I quote "hey I need you guys to do something for me... drag my butt to church." He's a good ole southerner straight out of Georgia. needless to say, he's awesome. but what really kind of bugs me, is that he has such a strong testimony.. and is completely inactive. but we did visit him, and he actually gave us a referral for a part member family, and we were able to get in touch with them right after, and we set an appointment with them. right after our lunch appointment with the before mentioned member. and as we were walking back to the car, elder park gets out the phone and calls him up and says, "hey, we just wanted to let you know that we got in touch with that family you told us about, and we are gonna go see them right after we have lunch with you. so guess what you get to do? you're gonna go teach a lesson with us. haha it will be awesome.
well, even though Halloween made it hard on the work, (no knocking doors after 5 and INDOORS by 7) we were still able to enjoy Halloween. Elder parks mom sent us some goodies, an amazing member in our ward ordered a bunch of pizza (4 to be exact) and elder Urmston had a wonderful idea. his idea was that we brew something. I mean it was Halloween. perfectly fitting. haha the reason that i'm vague in the letter, is because the photos will explain. oh also, our ward had a Halloween party that we got to attend, and I won the pie eating contest! haha it was funny because when the sister was calling up the people who signed up for it. she calls my name.
I guess that's what happens when you jokingly raise your hand for the pie eating contest haha.
so we all sit down, and then they bring in the pies, it was a half of an 8 inch pumpkin pie, and the contest was to see who would be the first one done. no hands allowed. so after forcing down a bunch of pumpkin pie filling and really really really really dry crust, I was crowned the champ. (dad, you can tell uncle martin that I have kept the family honor!) haha
the first thing I wanted was a bit of pepto, but I was ok. it was fun. well I love yall I think that's about it for this week. next week will definitely be better! bye\
Elder Wardell

 Photos of our Halloween "party".....
 So this....
 plus this
 Plus this

Equals this...Elder Urmstron's good idea.... (Elder Anderson on left, Elder Urmstron on right)....

Glow Stick Games from Elder Park's mom.....