Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving day....Hasta la Vista Homestead

This is one of my favorites... Happy in all circumstances even being soaking wet from the Florida rain....

(no pictures this week, so I picked one of my favorites from his first Area in Miami)


weeeeeell heres the scoop.
our last week wasnt so great, and we decided that we wanted that to change. so we worked harder this week and had an awesome! week!
we finished the week out with a ton of new investigators, a ton of progressing investigators, and a bunch of people came to church!
we were really blessed to be able to find some really new and amazing people who have all accepted baptism! sadly though,
we will not be the ones to see all of this happen, becasue Elder Park and I, are both being transferred. By this timetomorrow, we will both of us be in different areas with different companions. It's a little saddening, because i have really loved my time in homestead, with all of the different people! but, the lord has his purpose and his plan, and has somewhere else for me to be right now, so i say ONWARD!!!! haha I really love you guys,
and next week, i could be emailing from Key West, or from a lot farther north, where it's legitimate hillbilly status, good ole south. (of course i hope for the latter ;) )
till next week!
Elder Wardell

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