Monday, June 30, 2014

Grandma Likes me Best!!

 Grandma's are the Best!! Look what a fun package Grandma Cleverley  sent to Elder Wardell.  It is always good to be spoiled by your Grandma! There is a running joke between David and his Brother Martin, over being their  Mom's favorite. They always say to each other.... "Mom" likes me Best!!  Elder Wardell was happy to point out to all of us,  "Grandma, likes him Best"!!

                                                 Excited for High Chew!
Look what spilled out of the box!!!

                                          The only sad thing, is I didn't have any butter!!!

Pictures Paint more Than a Thousand Words

This is the week in Pictures from his email June 23rd. He always title's the pictures he sends home so I thought I would just add them to the pictures. The rains are still coming down in Florida but they are loving the work and don't mind gettting a little bit wet.  

 Happy in all circumstances. Funny enough this even washed all the pomade out of my hair! 

(If you look closely you can tell that he is soaking wet. There is a tiny little dry stip on his pants at the very left of his hip pocket in this picture. )

hmmmm  interesting!! 

                        (Looks like to this mom, even the ducks are out because of all the rain! )
                                                                   Rain from our roof!

                                                Elder Marshal smiling at the Rainbow

                                                                   Lucky Day for Us!!!

Fort Lauderdale Temple Trip --June 20th, 2014

 Elder Wardell with President and Sister Anderson. They will be going home June 30th and Elder Wardell  will be getting a new Mission President July 1st.  The Anderson's are so amazing. The missionaries and people in Florida have been so blessed because of their service. We will miss them.
Elder Wardell's zone at the Fort Lauderdale Temple.  President Anderson arranged for all the missionaries in the entire Fort Lauderdale Mission to attend the temple on Friday June 20th, 2014.  This temple was Dedicated on May 4, 2014. It is the 143rd Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  To learn more about  why we build temples please visit

This is Elder Wardell's letter from June 23rd. 

weeeeell, lets see, so last week on pday we had a fund day of smash face, which is just ultimate dodgeball. its amazing. haha we all were less than happy about that decision when we went out to work that night. but we have since repented and will be treating ourselves to another game today. haha 
the best thing that happened this week was the fact that we got to go to the temple!!!! it was so amazing and the temple is soo beautiful here. it was a good way to say goodbye to president and sister anderson, because they are goin to be finishing their mission here pretty soon.

so we have some pretty solid investigators who are going to be baptised this sunday!!!! yeah buddy! they super awesome. we cant wait to dunkem. 

well, im driving these last two weeks, and for the first time in my life i hate driving. hahaha miami drivers are pretty different. ahaa. definitely need to stay on your toes. but its fine :) spirit of the lord will always protect us.

well we got rained on. again. ahaha im starting to get used to the weather, but its takin some time. and there is one thing i like, the thunder. miami has some epic thunder sometimes and its really cool.

sadly, Elder Marshall and i are starting the last two weeks of trainging together, and he will most likely be getting transferred at the end of this transfer. If he does, ill sure miss him cuz he is awesome!

well, love yall thats the scoop.
Elder Britton Walker Wardell

Sunday, June 22, 2014

And the rains came down......

well heres the scoop.
so this week sadly wasnt our best week we have had.
we worked hard, but the fruit wasnt very ripe for the pickin.
sadly we have had to drop two of our most awesome ivestigators, becuase they just cant get themselves to church. and the sad thing is that they both know that this is true. it really pains me to see it. i do hope though that we were just the ground work and someone in the future will help them finish the journey.
so this week saw some fun stuff. we had three days workin in the rain and i think im starting to grow gills. haha
so there is this sister in our ward that loves us, and we helped her move in like an hour, and it started raining. we got soaked. haha
elder marshall and i were door knocking and its started coming down hard we were drenched in seconds.
and the best one, was we went on exchange.
elder marshall and elder thompson, kept the car, and elder dinkins and i went biking(funny enough i really like biking i thought i would hate it) and its started POURING we got SOAKED and at the end of the day, our shirts were almost brown they were spotted so bad. there was enough water that we rode through, and the tires kicked water up. haha the shirt isnt totally ruined though. well thats the scoop love yall
Elder Wardell

Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Baptisms and a Coconut.....

weel heres the scoop.
this week saw TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!! woooohoooooooo
and they were miracles.
dulces problem literally resolved itself last sunday, and she got baptized on tuesday! definitely a miracle. shes so great and has so much faith. we have a couple other investigators who seem to be very promising. and our other baptism was harmony. she is nine. her mother was very inactive and wanted to get active again, and we stopped by to share a little message wtih the,m, and harmony said she wanted to be baptised, so we taught her the lessons, and she also was baptised on sunday. shes wonderful. so smart and has a great spirit. well all was well this week, definitely some faith testers when we had some investigators that were totaly amazing, literally turned 180 degrees opposite and we had to drop them. but its ok, cuz when one door closes, another opens. siempre.(always)
well thats abt it for this week.
Elder Wardell

                                                Brother Cotos---he is totally awesome!!
                                                       Coconut Anticipation.....
                                             That face is a lie, that coconut is one of the 
                                                  weirdest things I have ever tasted....

Monday, June 2, 2014

An attitude of Gratitude

Saying Goodbye to Elder Gerhart

                                                  Look who was over our door....

No he's not dead, he got up and ran away....

                                                     Stressful day of planning and studying....
Totally Awesome Planner...

Well heres the scoop for the week.
Having a gratitude attitude, ROCKS!!
sadly we didn't see our 2 baptisms this week, one of them was not for like the investigator wasn't sure, she just literally isn't able to be baptized at the moment but that will be resolved hopefully today! the other is just about ready, and we have some amazing investigators for this week!
anyways back to the gratitude attitude.
so in the mission, we have these things called Key indicators, key indicators is basically a progress tracker. and this week we exceeded just about all of our key indicators, and doubled the one for new investigators. we both know that it is directly related to two things. first our gratitude attitude. we made sure to show our gratitude to the lord after every teaching appt. and every harvest session by saying a prayer of thanks. and today during our studies, i got to thinking about gratitude. elder marshall told me a quote from president uchdorf, "that we need to be grateful IN our circumstances." and from that quote i got to thinking. when we do as the lord asks, we are blessed. that is a strict true never bending never failing law of heaven. just look at dc 82 10.
many times we look at how tough things are and become a little ingrateful, and we forget that the lord sees more than we do, and that manytimes, it is infact a blessing what we take to be a trial or tribulation. we always need to be grateful that the lord knows more and sees all, and give thanks for all that we receive, and see. as long as we are righteous, we are blessed.
well florida weather isn't too bad with the exception of the flippin rain. oooh how i hate the rain sometimes. jk i love rain, but not when it comes down hard out of no where for five minutes and then its clear skies. its aggravating. well i love yall, do good, be safe pray always and give thanks!
Elder Wardell.