Monday, June 30, 2014

Pictures Paint more Than a Thousand Words

This is the week in Pictures from his email June 23rd. He always title's the pictures he sends home so I thought I would just add them to the pictures. The rains are still coming down in Florida but they are loving the work and don't mind gettting a little bit wet.  

 Happy in all circumstances. Funny enough this even washed all the pomade out of my hair! 

(If you look closely you can tell that he is soaking wet. There is a tiny little dry stip on his pants at the very left of his hip pocket in this picture. )

hmmmm  interesting!! 

                        (Looks like to this mom, even the ducks are out because of all the rain! )
                                                                   Rain from our roof!

                                                Elder Marshal smiling at the Rainbow

                                                                   Lucky Day for Us!!!

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