Sunday, June 22, 2014

And the rains came down......

well heres the scoop.
so this week sadly wasnt our best week we have had.
we worked hard, but the fruit wasnt very ripe for the pickin.
sadly we have had to drop two of our most awesome ivestigators, becuase they just cant get themselves to church. and the sad thing is that they both know that this is true. it really pains me to see it. i do hope though that we were just the ground work and someone in the future will help them finish the journey.
so this week saw some fun stuff. we had three days workin in the rain and i think im starting to grow gills. haha
so there is this sister in our ward that loves us, and we helped her move in like an hour, and it started raining. we got soaked. haha
elder marshall and i were door knocking and its started coming down hard we were drenched in seconds.
and the best one, was we went on exchange.
elder marshall and elder thompson, kept the car, and elder dinkins and i went biking(funny enough i really like biking i thought i would hate it) and its started POURING we got SOAKED and at the end of the day, our shirts were almost brown they were spotted so bad. there was enough water that we rode through, and the tires kicked water up. haha the shirt isnt totally ruined though. well thats the scoop love yall
Elder Wardell

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