Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes its the simple things.....

weeeell heres the scoop.
    So sadly this week, our two awesome investigators had to get dropped.
it's sad but all is well. they know what they have felt with us, and we have alreadly done alot of good work with them and left a good impression. now they just need time, and a few more life experiences, and they will realize.
and that just makes me realize that that is how it is with all of us. we come in contact with things that leave good impressions, but we still dont realize them, until we have something happen in our lives, that makes us look to these impressions and realize what they are; it's us being shaped and molded into something even better, something kinder, more loving, more pure. and the things that happen in our lives, arent always huge crisis like things. sometimes they are just little everyday things that we really don't see.
and that is why it's important to pray to our father in heaven. he is the one who can help us the most in our lives, to see these changes, and to see who we really are. and he really is the only one who can do that. he knows us perfectly, wholly and with perfect love. he is the one who is always there FOR us to show us a better choice, a better way a better life (a happier life).
He is there, and ready to. the only one thing that we need to do is one small thing. and that is kneel down, bow our heads, and just talk to him.
a simple thing.
a simple thing that changes our lives and works miracles.
i see it more and more everyday.
well i love yall and i guess thats the scoop on this week. :)
Elder Wardell

Note from the Mom:  Elder Wardell's letter this week reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures... this scripture is found in the Book of Mormon and comes from the Book of Alma.   These are words of counsel the prophet Alma gives to his son Helaman.... This is Alma 37:37 

37 Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.

 I too have felt the power and love  that comes from Simple prayer. I want to add my testimony to that of Elder Wardell's. I know that prayer can change our lives. I know that our Father in Heaven hears and answers our prayers. I know that Jesus Christ died that we might live.
  Vicki Wardell  

Transfer Time and a New Companion....

July 14th, 2014  

                                                         Now it's ELDER COBABE!!!! 

We're so least i am! haha he's great!!!!! 

 Elder Marshall, Elder Wardell, Elder Tenney  
Elder Marshall and Elder Tenney are now companions, 
Elder Wardell and Elder Tenney were companions in the CCM.  

Elder Marshall  just made District Leader!! He will be so awesome.
 He has been a great trainer for Elder Wardell. 
He will be a benefit to so many missionaries in his new leadership role!  

weeeeell heres the scoop.
so this past week was transfer week!
im staying in El portal, but sadly, elder marshall was not going to be staying with me :( but all is well!
i am now companions with elder Cobabe. he's totally awesome!
he's been out for six transfers so just about nine months.
this is transfer seven for him, and three for me! its crazy how fast the time has gone by. tomorrow, it will have been three months since i've been in the field, and over four that ive been on the mission.! so crazy!

so, rather interesting experience, so our mission does whats called a transfer meeting, where all the missionaries that transfer, drive to ft laud, and we have a little meeting. and elder cobabe and i were on our way home from transfer meeting, and the a/c suddenly stopped blowing cold. i was like what the?
and then i heard the dash board ding, and i looked down and the warning light for the engine temperature came on and the needle was bouncing at the top. i was like whooooooooa, not cool. so we pulled off to the side, popped the hood took a look, called the vehicle coordinator, and he told us to go to a pep boys. stinking pep boys, but hey, its not my car haha.
so we go over there, and they tell us we will have to wait a while, so while we were waiting, we went to get krispy kreme, and it started sprinkling so i said aah lets get the umbrellas. so we got them and started going along, and then it started coming down a little more. and then a little more. and a bit more after that. haha pretty soon, it was just pouring rain. just out of no where. i looked at elder cobabe and said, good thing we brought the umbrellas. HA (we were soaked. even above the waist)
but we got the car and went home, he got settled in, and we went along had a good day.
so friday, the other elders needed to use the car, and they were gonna be back before we left, well they come home, and tell us the warning light was on again, and that the ac was also acting up. uuuuuuugh! so we went to a chevy dealership, only to find out that we couldnt come in till monday, so we had to park the car till today.
so for the second time in my mission, i had to bike! i was actually a little happy i came to realize how much i dont mind biking. that lasted for about fifteen minutes hahaha. but something good came out of it. i got my awesome tan back! .....almost hahaha.i wore a long sleeve with the sleeves rolled up on saturday, and now i have a really funny lookin farmers tan. good things. luckily the car is getting fixed today so todo esta bien. (all is well)

haha well sadly to say, marlen did not get baptised this last sunday, she was not able to attend church this past week, but she is still awesome as ever, and she will most likely be getting baptised this next sunday. 
well, i love yall, cant wait to talk to you next week!
Elder Wardell

Monday, July 14, 2014

We had a "Flood" in Florida

We experienced some Flooding.....

                               Last night planning as a "greenie"...I am now officially a Junior Companion!! 

Letter from July 8th 

heres the scoop.
soo the house got flooded.
with mail that is ;)
big thank you to everyone that sent mail to me and the other elders! :) they were really happy to get a bunch of mail for the fourth of july! haha so our fourth of july, we had to be indoors at 730, because of how crazy miami can get so we got in early and were able to hang out for a couple hours. it wasnt to bad. and another good thing happend last week. :) last week was the last week of 12 week missionary training! :) im no longer a greenie. now officially junior comp!
sadly though, we come to find out last night, that elder marshall will be tansferring. :( im losing my papa. all is well though, he's only been out a year so ill no doubt  see him again multiple times. :)
oh and jello! i discovered that the jolly rancher company, maked jello! (Not thee official jello company jello, their own brand of jello) i had blue razz this week and it was amazing!
well this week, we found some pretty amazing people to teach, one is named marlen, with her daughter soan, and they are most likely getting baptized this sunday! :) she was with us at church last sunday, and after 1st hour, she just started goin off about how peaceful and amazing she felt and she told us that she definitely knew that we were sent from God as an answer to her prayers. she is so great.! :)
well i love yall, till next week! :)
Elder Wardell