Monday, July 14, 2014

We had a "Flood" in Florida

We experienced some Flooding.....

                               Last night planning as a "greenie"...I am now officially a Junior Companion!! 

Letter from July 8th 

heres the scoop.
soo the house got flooded.
with mail that is ;)
big thank you to everyone that sent mail to me and the other elders! :) they were really happy to get a bunch of mail for the fourth of july! haha so our fourth of july, we had to be indoors at 730, because of how crazy miami can get so we got in early and were able to hang out for a couple hours. it wasnt to bad. and another good thing happend last week. :) last week was the last week of 12 week missionary training! :) im no longer a greenie. now officially junior comp!
sadly though, we come to find out last night, that elder marshall will be tansferring. :( im losing my papa. all is well though, he's only been out a year so ill no doubt  see him again multiple times. :)
oh and jello! i discovered that the jolly rancher company, maked jello! (Not thee official jello company jello, their own brand of jello) i had blue razz this week and it was amazing!
well this week, we found some pretty amazing people to teach, one is named marlen, with her daughter soan, and they are most likely getting baptized this sunday! :) she was with us at church last sunday, and after 1st hour, she just started goin off about how peaceful and amazing she felt and she told us that she definitely knew that we were sent from God as an answer to her prayers. she is so great.! :)
well i love yall, till next week! :)
Elder Wardell

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