Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchange day with Elder Moorali...funniest kid on the planet

Signing a bat at the house...
there were already a bunch of missionary signatures on it....

Ready to go....biking that day....

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell here's the scoop. 
     So, this last week, we had a specialized training with the north half of the mission, where we talked aloooooot about love unity and obedience, and what it could do for us. the AP's had posed a question, "why are these three things important?" And i had a thought come to mind. The city of Enoch, when it was taken up into Heaven, was nothing short of Miraculous. Personally i think it's one of the most miraculous things to have transpired in history. (next to christ's ministry) And the simple reason that it happened, was because of pure obedience. The people of the city were exactly obedient. and becasue they were, they had unity. and love, and everything was just happy and righteous. because it was so righteous god just brought the whole city up.
Miracles come by obedience simple as that. 
that was my thought, though i kept it to myself. i did have to smile though when the ap's last slide had said Obedience (Unity+Love) = Miracles. haha 
So, right now, we are working with the most wonderful person named Fito, and his wife Laura. They were absolutlely stunned, when we knocked on the door to ask if we could share a prayer with them, and that we came in the name of the savior. They said that they believe we are messengers of Jesus Christ. And when we taught the restoration, they absolutely LOVED it, though, the whole authority part was a little lost on them, but it's ok because we are going over there friday and will be going over that with them. But before we left, we told them that we wanted them to pray. We taught them that because we are not god, we cannot prove a single thing to them, that only the father can. so we told them that they needed to pray, with sincerity, with real intent, and with faith in christ, if our messages that we had to share with them, is what God wanted for them. and we promised them that God would answer their prayer through the holy ghost, that it would be a most wonderful feeling, a little different than anything else they had ever felt before, but that they would know. 
As we were leaving, Fito set a return appointement with us before we were able to set one with them! haha and when he was walking away i asked him "hey, what are you going to do tonight?"
and he replied with "im praying as soon as i get to the house!" they are awesome!

So, a rather fun thing happened yesterday. So I'm pretty sure the water here is about as imported as my companion. and by imported i mean it's gotta BE from Jupiter because the water is NASTY. tastes so bad. So, me being me, and deciding it was time for some ingenuity, i decided that it would be time to make a distiller. We have a steamer, and a fridge, and an empty 3 gallon water bottle, so Hey, this will be easy right? so we put the fridge as cold as it would go, put a bunch of ice in the bottle, rigged up the steamer hose so that it was """""sealed""""" onto the bottle, (hey, there's only so much you can do with tin foil and duct tape. this was a loooow budget project ;) ). then we set the bottle in the fridge, taped the hose in place, closed the fridge door as much as it would go, taped it "shut" and stuffed a bunch of towels in all the cracks... Yes, this was well thought out ;)
then we fired up the steamer, and away it went!
it seemed like such a good idea, and about five minutes later, as i was checking to make sure there wasn't a whole lot of cold escaping, i made a rather interesting discovery. not only was the cold not escaping, the HEAT was escaping! haha i opened it up and the bottle was losing it's shape and the duct tape was practicly melted. and in short, failed project haha. don't worry, the fridge is empty because we are starving missionaries. haha jk it's cause we decided it was time to do some clean up.
a rather fun story. Well,
looks like that'd be all for this week. love you guys!
Elder Wardell

Moving North....


 Me and My new Comp

Weeeeeeeell here's the scoop.
sooooo, i went North! waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to the northern side of the mission. literally 100 miles north of homestead. It get's more interesting. So in the mission, when two missionaries get transfered out of their area, it's called a whitewash. When two missionaries come into an area, they are the whitewashers. Well, i whitewashed into an area known as Jupiter south, Yes, i'm on another planet now haha. Whats really interesting, is my companion, Elder Rubio, is my same age!!!!!!!!!! haha we literally came into the mission together on the same flight. he came from provo mtc so he's a little bit more pagan than me, but other that he's an AWESOME guy. He's from philipines!
What's really funny is that Rubio, is a reaally latin name, and it means blonde, or blonde one. 
So, elder Rubio, who's dark haired and doesn't speak spanish, is whith a gringo, who is blonde and speaks spanish. kinda interesante! haha and another thing, is that on our first night in the mission, all of us missionaries went and placed book of mormons together. Elder Rubio and I were together when we placed book of mormons, and are now companions! it's really awesome!
so yeah he's going to teach me cebuano, and tagalog and i'm going to teach him spanish so hopefully we stay together for 2 transfers! 
Oh another funny thing, is that Danny's parents live up here in the Jupiter Ward. i saw them on sunday and we were like "HEY! i know you!!!" also there's a member here in this ward, who's related to the Trotter family from my homestake! haha SHOUT OUT TO THE TROTTERS!!!
well some good news that came out of homestead, The young man, michael perez, that we were working with, i am happy to say that he was just baptised yesterday. and the Ramos family, has now been set with dates!
I was really happy to see that the work that Elder Park and I did was not in vain!
Well, i believe that might be all on the scoop for this week. love you all!
Elder Wardell

 Excited to be in the car....

Our district..cept we were missing two sisters...

coincidence? who knows 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving day....Hasta la Vista Homestead

This is one of my favorites... Happy in all circumstances even being soaking wet from the Florida rain....

(no pictures this week, so I picked one of my favorites from his first Area in Miami)


weeeeeell heres the scoop.
our last week wasnt so great, and we decided that we wanted that to change. so we worked harder this week and had an awesome! week!
we finished the week out with a ton of new investigators, a ton of progressing investigators, and a bunch of people came to church!
we were really blessed to be able to find some really new and amazing people who have all accepted baptism! sadly though,
we will not be the ones to see all of this happen, becasue Elder Park and I, are both being transferred. By this timetomorrow, we will both of us be in different areas with different companions. It's a little saddening, because i have really loved my time in homestead, with all of the different people! but, the lord has his purpose and his plan, and has somewhere else for me to be right now, so i say ONWARD!!!! haha I really love you guys,
and next week, i could be emailing from Key West, or from a lot farther north, where it's legitimate hillbilly status, good ole south. (of course i hope for the latter ;) )
till next week!
Elder Wardell

Monday, November 3, 2014

Teaching and Pie eating...the adventures continue

Night Vision Goggles from Elder Park's mom.... Elder Wardell on left, Elder Urmstron up top, Elder Anderson in middle. Elder Park on far right....made for a fun "Halloween".....


well here's the scoop.
  so, this last week wasn't our best week, we unfortunately did not have miles for the last of the month, so we were on bike, and then we had some problems with the bikes, and on top of that it was Halloween which kinda puts a damper on things so...
but, just because it wasn't the best overall week, does not mean that we didn't have amazing things happen this week!
one of the biggest things, happened yesterday. so there's this less active member who lives in our ward. he called us up a while ago and said, and I quote "hey I need you guys to do something for me... drag my butt to church." He's a good ole southerner straight out of Georgia. needless to say, he's awesome. but what really kind of bugs me, is that he has such a strong testimony.. and is completely inactive. but we did visit him, and he actually gave us a referral for a part member family, and we were able to get in touch with them right after, and we set an appointment with them. right after our lunch appointment with the before mentioned member. and as we were walking back to the car, elder park gets out the phone and calls him up and says, "hey, we just wanted to let you know that we got in touch with that family you told us about, and we are gonna go see them right after we have lunch with you. so guess what you get to do? you're gonna go teach a lesson with us. haha it will be awesome.
well, even though Halloween made it hard on the work, (no knocking doors after 5 and INDOORS by 7) we were still able to enjoy Halloween. Elder parks mom sent us some goodies, an amazing member in our ward ordered a bunch of pizza (4 to be exact) and elder Urmston had a wonderful idea. his idea was that we brew something. I mean it was Halloween. perfectly fitting. haha the reason that i'm vague in the letter, is because the photos will explain. oh also, our ward had a Halloween party that we got to attend, and I won the pie eating contest! haha it was funny because when the sister was calling up the people who signed up for it. she calls my name.
I guess that's what happens when you jokingly raise your hand for the pie eating contest haha.
so we all sit down, and then they bring in the pies, it was a half of an 8 inch pumpkin pie, and the contest was to see who would be the first one done. no hands allowed. so after forcing down a bunch of pumpkin pie filling and really really really really dry crust, I was crowned the champ. (dad, you can tell uncle martin that I have kept the family honor!) haha
the first thing I wanted was a bit of pepto, but I was ok. it was fun. well I love yall I think that's about it for this week. next week will definitely be better! bye\
Elder Wardell

 Photos of our Halloween "party".....
 So this....
 plus this
 Plus this

Equals this...Elder Urmstron's good idea.... (Elder Anderson on left, Elder Urmstron on right)....

Glow Stick Games from Elder Park's mom.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

A week in pictures....


Note from Mom: 

Last week Elder Park shared in his letter that the missionaries had decided they needed to be a little more healthy and eat a little better. This week Elder Wardell shared some pictures of how they are using the "sit up bar" to become healthier.  There are also pictures of the "funny Mail" that his "funny Mom" sent to him and Elder Park.  It is so great to see our "boys" having fun and enjoying the time they have to serve with each other. They are working very hard and they don't have much "down" time. Their schedule starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. every day. We are so happy for them and grateful for their service. 

 Elder Wardell --using the sit up bar

Elder Park -- happy that Elder Wardell  is using the "sit up " bar

 The Elders enjoyed their "funny mail"...

Mail from home....  "Walking where Jesus walked is less important than walking as Jesus walked... this counsel was given from President Monson at the October 2014 General Conference... 
(Did you know you can mail flip flops without a box?? )

Elder Wardell talks about the Book of Mormon...


well heres the scoop.
    Well, today I finished the book of mormon for the second time on my misison, and as i was reading in moroni 9 today, i had the most distinct impression that the book could not possibly be wrong. there is absolutely no possible way. the way it perfectly supports itself throughout, and testifies of the savior, and teaches his doctrine, and teaches nothing but charity and love for one another, makes me believe that it is God's true book. It also reminds me of another perfection i found. We recently had an exchange in the apartment, and one of the zone leaders came down for the day. he was showing us his planner that night, and there was a little blue card in there, called the 17 points of the true church. Elder Park told me the story of the 17 points.
so before ww2 there was a guy who wanted to find the true church because he was confused about all the contradicting churches. so he studied hard in the bible and found the 17 points of christs church when he (Christ) founded it in the bible. sadly, before he could search for the church that had those points. he had to go to war. but many of his friends did not. he gave them the seventeen points. when he came home from the war, he found his friends and found that they all had been baptised into a church that they had discovered had
 each and everyone of the points. he met with these two missionaries from that church and was shortly later baptised.
I left the points at home but will send them next week.
well, sadly the scoop is going to have to be short this week,
but our investigators are doing well! they are moving along, and next week, might very well have a picture of another "swim party" :) love you all!
Elder Wardell

Note from Mom:  We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You may know us as members of the "Mormon Church". We know that the Book of Mormon is a book of ancient scripture that provides a 2nd Witness of Jesus Christ. If you would like to know more about this book you can go here  . You can also obtain a free copy of this book if you are interested. To read this book online you can go here You can read for yourselves the writings of the Book of Mormon as well as read  the Testimony of those 11 witnesses who saw and handled the plates which contained the writings which make up the Book of Mormon.  I would like to add my testimony to that of Elder Wardell's. I know the Book of Mormon is a true Book which teaches us about Jesus Christ.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World. I know that it is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that all men might be saved and that we might have eternal life.  Vicki Wardell 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Great President....PS we know how to cook!


Unplanned dinner with the other three missionaries...

Weeeeell, here's the scoop.
         So, this past week we had president's interviews, which are always fantastic!! I truly believe that we have the best mission president in the whole world! Just talking with him,  and looking at him, you can see the love he has for everyone, and you can just see the awesomeness. literally you can see the awesomeness! it is just, well, AWESOME! haha another really amazing thing that happened this week, happened on saturday. So we went to the ramos family's house, they're the large family, and we knocked on the door. the son who right now is the most solid for baptism was the one who opened the door, and he said, oh 2 seconds, and then the recent convert was the one who came back 5 seconds later and she said, did you not get my text? i pulled the phone out and didn't see any new text. (we have the problematic phone) Well she told us that she and robert were the only ones home. we said that that was ok, and that we could still share a little something with them there on the porch. so we started to talk a little about the importance of baptism, and my companion asked robert who jesus christ is to him. Roberts response was that he didn't know about Jesus Christ. So we explained to him about the life, ministry and sacriafice of the savior. after teaching him that Robert's response was, He did that for me? we of course told him yes. and then we explained that the savior told us that we come to him by baptism. and after we asked robert why he would want to be baptised, and his response was "to thank him, and live the life he wants me to live". It is so true that our heavenly father works through small and simple things, to bring great things to pass. who would have thought that an un-recieved text message, would have led to a miraculous lesson! i know that as robert becomes more solid, it will help us work with the rest of the family! they are awesome!
We also this week, had the chance to meet with another investigator, this girl named jessica from colorado. she met the missionaries over there, and wanted to get baptised, but they moved down here to florida before she could. We have forever been trying to get in contact with her, and finally were able to have a lesson with her and her dad! and we discovered, after teaching the restoration, that he seems to be very interested in the gospel! She right now, says that she wants to wait until she goes back to colorado, before she gets baptised, but i have no doubt that as she makes good friends here, and understands a little more, the importance of baptism, that she will be baptised soon.
well, another little fun thing that happened this week, happened i think thursday at lunchtime. so i ran down stairs and made pasta, the other guys followed behind a couple minutes later, and someone said. "i'm gonna cook a box of pasta." someone else said, "hey do you wanna cook a double batch?" and the third said, "how about a triple batch?" and then they added on a salad, then some garlic bread, then some cobler.
just the series of how it started from nothing and then turned into a little sit down home cooked meal was really funny!
well i love you all, till next week
Elder Wardell

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another week in Paradise....

"Lost and Found" 
 Photo by Greg Olsen 

October 14, 2014
weeell, here's the scoop
       so, first best thing this last week, AMY GOT CONFIRMED!!!!!!!
so now, her and danny will be working towards the temple! they are just amazing! they get cooler and cooler every time we meet with them! well, our mission, has a new thing we are implementing called the rescue.
the doctrine behind it, is the parable of the lost sheep from christ. as amazing as it is to bring more sheep to christ, there are those that stray from his fold. there are alot! and the call of a missionary is not to find not members. it is "to help others to come unto christ" it is not just non members but anyone who might have strayed from christ's fold. well, some miracles that Elder Park and I have found this week, is some really awesome less active members, who with a little bit of work, will verry soon be coming back to church. and there is a very true saying that says, where there's less actives rescued, there are more baptisms!
so for the first time in my life i tried sushi.
 not the greatest, but not horrible either though i'm not sure i would willingly eat it again. haha
well the scoops is gonna be a little short this week, but i really love you guys!
talk to you next week!
Elder Wardell
there's only one, but it's precious and self explanatory.

Note from Mom:   Elder Wardell refers to those that have "strayed from Christ's fold"... You can read the Savior's teaching on this principle as recorded in the Book of Luke Chapter 15: 4-6..... Luke records this Parable, and it is often referred to as the Parable of the Lost Sheep.....
 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
 And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference and the Monkey's

Grandma sent me an apron with my name on the front!! And and Awesome package!!! 

Monkeying around at the Zoo....

weeeeeell, here's the scoop.
            soo, this last week was general conference, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! and even better, my little prediction came true! the seventy that spoke before Elder Holland, quien hablo espanol (who spoke Spanish ;) ) spoke about baptism. Even cooler was the fact that THAT WAS THE SESSION WHERE OUR INVESTIGATORS WERE!!!!!!!! I was sooo happy! This conference was amazing! I loved how one recurring thing was the importance to follow the prophet, and the modern prophets. It's something that I have come to a realization that truly answers some of the "why should I.." or just plain "why" questions. Literally, any concern, any doubt, or any hang-up with the church and with any doctrine or principle, past or present, can be answered with the fact that What the prophet reveals, is from god. understanding that, helps me understand that, there are reasons beyond comprehension, and that there is a greater reward in following God's will WITHOUT QUESTION. When we do this, then is Understanding Given to us. To those who know me well, probably know that this is a principle that I struggle with with trivial things. Oh to be perfect! ;) hahaha
but if I had to pick the most important thing to have a testimony of, it would be the restoration. understanding the principles of the restoration, leads to the truth of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation, the commandments (especially), and all other things.
well, for some cool announcements,
So, the week before was transfer week, and in tranfers, new leaders are called. I'm happy to say that the best missionary in the FFLM, Elder Marshall, got called to be a zone leader! Whats really funny, is that Elder Gerhart, and Elder Thompson, the two other elders that I served my first transfer with, are also now Zone Leaders. The whole apartment I was born into are all zone leaders. its weird.
Well, yesterday, was officially 7 months since I reported to the mtc. I could've swore that I just got out of the mtc. it's funny how fast time moves! :)
one very exciting thing that's coming up this week, is that because we have a temple so close in our mission now, we are now able to start doing temple tours! more accurately temple ground tours. this Tuesday, Amy and Danny and their parents, and elder park and myself, will be going to the temple with them for a little grounds tour. We are PUMPED!! because they are now working on being able to be married in the temple! We are so excited.
Well I love yall, I believe that will be all for this week.
Elder Wardell

Note from mom:  Elder's were able to take a trip to the Zoo on Pday.....I love that they are able to have fun and still be the missionaries they are.  These are strong bonds they are building with each other.....

"Selfie" on the way to the Zoo

I just couldn't help myself....

Let me take off the "human mask" for just a minute....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And the rains came down....and the Baptisms go up.....

weeeeell here's the scoop
so this week is transfers, and I stayed! and thankfully so did elder park! we are pumped because now, all of the AWESOME people that we are teaching, we will baptize them together! we were both a little bit worried that one of us was going to leave without being able to see the other baptized. And speaking of, The Ramos family, (the family we are working with)
all came to church! and not only that, but they want to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are so excited as are them. they just get more and more awesome everytime we go over there. today we are going to visit them and tell them all about conference, and the week after conference you should get a photo of them dressed in white!
well my super amazing grandma, sent me a package this last week, and guess what it had in it.
AN APRON!!!! it was the coolest thing ever! with my own name on it. now when i'm Chef-ing it up over a pot of macaroni and cheese, I can do it with my new improved handy dandy apron haha
ok so yesterday, when we were biking home, we got a little rained on. and by a little I mean it was pouring buckets!!!!! haha it was coming down hard we were soaked in seconds and I LOVED IT!! it's strange, once you get caught in a couple of forida showers you instantly love rain. I prefer working in the rain now haha.
well, sadly, I don't have photos to send home this week, because my camera got left at the house, but I will send those ones next week! love you all!
Elder Wardell

Note from the Mom:  Elder Wardell and his companion Elder Park have several investigators they are working with. It is humbling to see the love our son's have for the people they find. They  love being able to teach them about Jesus Christ.  They do celebrate when they have individuals and  families  that want to become part of  Christ's church, and are able to be baptized. The joy they feel at their baptisms, is because they know that these people now have a knowledge of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to learn more about Him and  become more like Him. To learn more about Jesus Christ go to  to ask questions go to

 This is a small part of the letter Elder Wardell's companion sent home this week. In his letter he expresses his joy and happiness for the work they are doing...  He is just so excited I wanted to share his words and feelings as they so closely echo those of Elder Wardell's.... We are so grateful for Elder Park.  He is an amazing young man.

Elder Park says: ........" Well this week was great! ..... We found another family that we are teaching.... I don't know if  you remember this but October (2013)  was the month I had my first baptism, October is special for me and we are going to celebrate it by baptizing a small nation down here. We are VERY EXCITED FOR THIS. I was worried that I would be leaving and missing all these AWESOME people that are so close to baptism."  

 (Elder Park has been in this area for quite a while, he thought that he would be getting transferred this week, but he is staying in Homestead with Elder Wardell for at least another transfer (6 weeks). They are happy to be together. 

 I don't know if you remember this but October was the month I had my first baptism, October is special for me and we are going to celebrate it by baptizing a small nation down here. We are VERY EXCITED FOR THIS. I was worried that I would be leaving and missing all these AWESOME people that are SO CLOSE to baptism!

Monday, September 22, 2014

A week of blessings in Homestead.....


Amy's Baptism....

Weeeell, here's the scoop.

this week was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st, Amy got baptized!!!! they are so amazing! they literally get cooler and cooler every time we see them! and in the coming week, she too will be baptized.! as well the reason the week was more fantastic than a baptism week usually is, is because of all of the new people we have! so the recent convert that moved into the ward, introduced to her family: her uncle is a member, just inactive for most of his life, and his daughters and wife and one son, haven't been baptized. but with Iris,(the recent convert) getting baptized, it kind of re kindled his testimony a little bit. anyway we met with all of them, and they all want to get baptized! it's lookin like it will be sometime within these next couple of weeks! also some old investigators that Elder park had before I got here, were just in salt lake, and toured temple square, then texted us and picked us back up. they too will be getting baptized soon! This next month is going to be amazing! we have transfers coming up soon, and I really hope I stay! so many miracles. One huge miracle that we saw this week, was how Elder Park was sick this week, a little at first and then it grew, but he worked right through it, and now is feeling better! it's a miracle! Well, that's our week! love you guys!
Elder Wardell

This is Dice....he loves to cuddle.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Key Largo in the rain....


 Note from Mom:
This was a week for a lot of pictures....Elder Wardell is a history buff and he Loves everything about America...I am sure it is just another piece of happiness for him to see the cool parts of Florida...He loves everything about his Mission including the people and land of Florida....

 So we get to the library today and Elder Park finds this in his pocket....ha ha ha

 The Gulf of Mexico

The Atlantic Ocean 

Driving south down to Key Largo  The Atlantic Ocean is on our Left the Gulf of Mexico on our right

 Good vs Evil.....

New investigators, more rain and Chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie.....

On our way to Key Largo 

Past the end of civilization

Approaching storm 

Here come the rains....


Weeeeeeeeell, heres the scoop.
So this last week was pretty good!
So the amazingator (amazing investigator haha im so funny) Amy, and her husband came to stake conference this past Sunday (yesterday) and one awesome thing that was repeatedly talked about, was the temple!!! Which is perfect because being sealed in the temple is what her and her husband truly want right now. afterward, she met with president richardson who spoke, he told us to bring her to him to talk to her, and then after that, she met a sister from the releif society and they hit it off! Oh, as conference was ending, after the temple president spoke, she asked me how soon she would be able to go to the temple. We told her a year for her sealing, but that she can go for baptisms after she is confirmed! She was STOKED about that! she is amazing. Another cool thing, is that a recent convert from El Portal moved to Homestead. I had no idea, we were shaking hands at the door last sunday, and her and her daughter just came walking up!. I was like, "Hey, i know you! she was super excited to see someone she knows" She was baptised by the other area, but i was there the whole time she was taught so we got to be friends. anyway, so last night, we were at the end of the night, trying to find someone to go visit, because all of our plans had fallen through. and so i was like, hey, we could visit her and see how she is. so we call her, turns out we cant but we set an appointment, and guess what she tells us? She's living with her uncle, who has two daughters who have not been baptised! even better, they want to be baptised!!!! we were pumped.
She is the greatest ever, she has been such an awesome help to missionary work since she was baptised. it's awesome.
Well, we got to go to key largo to work! it was awesome! though sadly, the rain made everything a little difficult. wait did i say rain? no i mean the tidal wave that was falling from the sky!!! haha we had alot of rain there so it made working a little bit difficult.
But! whenever something bad theres always something good! even if its as small as Chocolate dipped keylime pie on a stick! It is the greatest thing i had eaten in i dont know how long! and completely unique!
well i love yall, can't wait to update you on the work next week!
Elder Wardell

This is the worst storm I have been in so far...

Chocolate dipped key lime pie after a bit or 2 or 7 yum yum!! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Baptisms and Witches Brew...

Another Great Week in Homestead......

 Cruzmaria Baptism.....

 Happy on the Spoil of War...ha ha!
Elder Wardell....Elder Unstrom

Missionary life.....
Elder Park..... Elder Anderson

Look Ma, I'm sewing.....

Weeeeeell here's the scoop
So this week guess what happened? BAPTISM!
;) her name is Cruzmaria Perez. she is nine years old, and has never been baptised, and her grandma, Cruzmaria, is a member, and asked us to baptise her. (this was before i got here)
after i got here, we met with them again a few times, she had already been taught everything, and was baptised this sunday! Also a really cool recent convert who was baptised when i was in El Portal (she was baptised by the other area) just moved down here to Homestead. Last sunday we were out front shaking hands and she came walking up with her daughter. I was like Hey, I know you!!! and she got a big smile and laughed it was cool. AAAAAAND, :D!!!!! We have another baptism coming not this next week because it is stake conference(what a disappointment haha jk) but next. Her name is Amy she isnt a member, and her husband danny was less active for a long time. They are SOOO cool. She is a professional Chef, tied someone to make it onto the show masterchef, but they picked the other person, but she was INVITED back for this season. He is a professional MMA fighter, just one league down from the UFC, is 6' 9" (he makes me look like a Hobbit), and also walked onto the marlin tryouts and made it as a pitcher. he hurt his arm though so he wasn't able to stay. Here's an even cooler story with these two. We are in the car one day, we got a text from the referrals center with a referral, and called it up. She introduces herself after we introduced ourselves and she said, quote, " yeah, i want to get baptized as soon as possible so we can get sealed in the temple."
Elder Park just about dropped the phone. It was just the perfect miracle we were looking for! They came to church this past week, and LOVED it! and she will be baptised in 2 weeks!
So funny little fun thing that happend this week, On exchange, Elder Urmston and I found a couch! this guy was getting rid of it, (he just bought a new set and it wasnt in bad shape) and he asked the guy if we could have it and he said that's fine, so we called up this kid jon from the ward, and he helped us get it back to the house! yes, we were cautious: we steam cleaned it like crazy! and because my mother decided to teach me about the witches brew ;),  ( the doterra oils)
it was cleaned with Lemon oil to clean, and cederwood oil to keep the bugs away.
Well i love you guys I will talk to you next week!
Elder Wardell

Note from mom...Funny thing about the mail.... after 2 1/2 months Elder Wardell's new waterproof bag finally arrived in Florida...He is wet and getting rained on almost everyday...a water proof bag was much needed....

The old waterproof case can finally be put away.....

Because my awesome new bag came......!!!! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Baptism in Homestead!!

well here's the scoop. soo best thing this week, MYRA GOT BAPTISED!!!!
she is SO awesome! we finished up some lessons with her, and she had her interview and was baptised. she loved it it was so lovely. this week she will be confirmed! :) well fun thing that happened this week was that i had to speak in sacrament! in spanish! it was really cool because we have a bi lingual ward, so when i was writing my talk (first time i full wrote my talk) their were certain things i had to mark for the translator. and i also had to speak a little slow with a bunch of pauses so that he wouldnt be trying to figure out my horrible spanish! haha :) it's different but amazing serving in a bi lingual ward. well the work continues to be awesome here! we are building our teaching pool bit by bit, and are also working with an amazing idea on how to be better missionaries. it's difficult but very rewarding. well i'm sorry that this scoop's a little short but i love ya guys! till next week.
Elder Wardell
sorry only one photo from this week.
Myra's baptism