Monday, November 3, 2014

Teaching and Pie eating...the adventures continue

Night Vision Goggles from Elder Park's mom.... Elder Wardell on left, Elder Urmstron up top, Elder Anderson in middle. Elder Park on far right....made for a fun "Halloween".....


well here's the scoop.
  so, this last week wasn't our best week, we unfortunately did not have miles for the last of the month, so we were on bike, and then we had some problems with the bikes, and on top of that it was Halloween which kinda puts a damper on things so...
but, just because it wasn't the best overall week, does not mean that we didn't have amazing things happen this week!
one of the biggest things, happened yesterday. so there's this less active member who lives in our ward. he called us up a while ago and said, and I quote "hey I need you guys to do something for me... drag my butt to church." He's a good ole southerner straight out of Georgia. needless to say, he's awesome. but what really kind of bugs me, is that he has such a strong testimony.. and is completely inactive. but we did visit him, and he actually gave us a referral for a part member family, and we were able to get in touch with them right after, and we set an appointment with them. right after our lunch appointment with the before mentioned member. and as we were walking back to the car, elder park gets out the phone and calls him up and says, "hey, we just wanted to let you know that we got in touch with that family you told us about, and we are gonna go see them right after we have lunch with you. so guess what you get to do? you're gonna go teach a lesson with us. haha it will be awesome.
well, even though Halloween made it hard on the work, (no knocking doors after 5 and INDOORS by 7) we were still able to enjoy Halloween. Elder parks mom sent us some goodies, an amazing member in our ward ordered a bunch of pizza (4 to be exact) and elder Urmston had a wonderful idea. his idea was that we brew something. I mean it was Halloween. perfectly fitting. haha the reason that i'm vague in the letter, is because the photos will explain. oh also, our ward had a Halloween party that we got to attend, and I won the pie eating contest! haha it was funny because when the sister was calling up the people who signed up for it. she calls my name.
I guess that's what happens when you jokingly raise your hand for the pie eating contest haha.
so we all sit down, and then they bring in the pies, it was a half of an 8 inch pumpkin pie, and the contest was to see who would be the first one done. no hands allowed. so after forcing down a bunch of pumpkin pie filling and really really really really dry crust, I was crowned the champ. (dad, you can tell uncle martin that I have kept the family honor!) haha
the first thing I wanted was a bit of pepto, but I was ok. it was fun. well I love yall I think that's about it for this week. next week will definitely be better! bye\
Elder Wardell

 Photos of our Halloween "party".....
 So this....
 plus this
 Plus this

Equals this...Elder Urmstron's good idea.... (Elder Anderson on left, Elder Urmstron on right)....

Glow Stick Games from Elder Park's mom.....

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