Monday, November 24, 2014

Moving North....


 Me and My new Comp

Weeeeeeeell here's the scoop.
sooooo, i went North! waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to the northern side of the mission. literally 100 miles north of homestead. It get's more interesting. So in the mission, when two missionaries get transfered out of their area, it's called a whitewash. When two missionaries come into an area, they are the whitewashers. Well, i whitewashed into an area known as Jupiter south, Yes, i'm on another planet now haha. Whats really interesting, is my companion, Elder Rubio, is my same age!!!!!!!!!! haha we literally came into the mission together on the same flight. he came from provo mtc so he's a little bit more pagan than me, but other that he's an AWESOME guy. He's from philipines!
What's really funny is that Rubio, is a reaally latin name, and it means blonde, or blonde one. 
So, elder Rubio, who's dark haired and doesn't speak spanish, is whith a gringo, who is blonde and speaks spanish. kinda interesante! haha and another thing, is that on our first night in the mission, all of us missionaries went and placed book of mormons together. Elder Rubio and I were together when we placed book of mormons, and are now companions! it's really awesome!
so yeah he's going to teach me cebuano, and tagalog and i'm going to teach him spanish so hopefully we stay together for 2 transfers! 
Oh another funny thing, is that Danny's parents live up here in the Jupiter Ward. i saw them on sunday and we were like "HEY! i know you!!!" also there's a member here in this ward, who's related to the Trotter family from my homestake! haha SHOUT OUT TO THE TROTTERS!!!
well some good news that came out of homestead, The young man, michael perez, that we were working with, i am happy to say that he was just baptised yesterday. and the Ramos family, has now been set with dates!
I was really happy to see that the work that Elder Park and I did was not in vain!
Well, i believe that might be all on the scoop for this week. love you all!
Elder Wardell

 Excited to be in the car....

Our district..cept we were missing two sisters...

coincidence? who knows 

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