Monday, September 15, 2014

New investigators, more rain and Chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie.....

On our way to Key Largo 

Past the end of civilization

Approaching storm 

Here come the rains....


Weeeeeeeeell, heres the scoop.
So this last week was pretty good!
So the amazingator (amazing investigator haha im so funny) Amy, and her husband came to stake conference this past Sunday (yesterday) and one awesome thing that was repeatedly talked about, was the temple!!! Which is perfect because being sealed in the temple is what her and her husband truly want right now. afterward, she met with president richardson who spoke, he told us to bring her to him to talk to her, and then after that, she met a sister from the releif society and they hit it off! Oh, as conference was ending, after the temple president spoke, she asked me how soon she would be able to go to the temple. We told her a year for her sealing, but that she can go for baptisms after she is confirmed! She was STOKED about that! she is amazing. Another cool thing, is that a recent convert from El Portal moved to Homestead. I had no idea, we were shaking hands at the door last sunday, and her and her daughter just came walking up!. I was like, "Hey, i know you! she was super excited to see someone she knows" She was baptised by the other area, but i was there the whole time she was taught so we got to be friends. anyway, so last night, we were at the end of the night, trying to find someone to go visit, because all of our plans had fallen through. and so i was like, hey, we could visit her and see how she is. so we call her, turns out we cant but we set an appointment, and guess what she tells us? She's living with her uncle, who has two daughters who have not been baptised! even better, they want to be baptised!!!! we were pumped.
She is the greatest ever, she has been such an awesome help to missionary work since she was baptised. it's awesome.
Well, we got to go to key largo to work! it was awesome! though sadly, the rain made everything a little difficult. wait did i say rain? no i mean the tidal wave that was falling from the sky!!! haha we had alot of rain there so it made working a little bit difficult.
But! whenever something bad theres always something good! even if its as small as Chocolate dipped keylime pie on a stick! It is the greatest thing i had eaten in i dont know how long! and completely unique!
well i love yall, can't wait to update you on the work next week!
Elder Wardell

This is the worst storm I have been in so far...

Chocolate dipped key lime pie after a bit or 2 or 7 yum yum!! 

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