Monday, September 8, 2014

Baptisms and Witches Brew...

Another Great Week in Homestead......

 Cruzmaria Baptism.....

 Happy on the Spoil of War...ha ha!
Elder Wardell....Elder Unstrom

Missionary life.....
Elder Park..... Elder Anderson

Look Ma, I'm sewing.....

Weeeeeell here's the scoop
So this week guess what happened? BAPTISM!
;) her name is Cruzmaria Perez. she is nine years old, and has never been baptised, and her grandma, Cruzmaria, is a member, and asked us to baptise her. (this was before i got here)
after i got here, we met with them again a few times, she had already been taught everything, and was baptised this sunday! Also a really cool recent convert who was baptised when i was in El Portal (she was baptised by the other area) just moved down here to Homestead. Last sunday we were out front shaking hands and she came walking up with her daughter. I was like Hey, I know you!!! and she got a big smile and laughed it was cool. AAAAAAND, :D!!!!! We have another baptism coming not this next week because it is stake conference(what a disappointment haha jk) but next. Her name is Amy she isnt a member, and her husband danny was less active for a long time. They are SOOO cool. She is a professional Chef, tied someone to make it onto the show masterchef, but they picked the other person, but she was INVITED back for this season. He is a professional MMA fighter, just one league down from the UFC, is 6' 9" (he makes me look like a Hobbit), and also walked onto the marlin tryouts and made it as a pitcher. he hurt his arm though so he wasn't able to stay. Here's an even cooler story with these two. We are in the car one day, we got a text from the referrals center with a referral, and called it up. She introduces herself after we introduced ourselves and she said, quote, " yeah, i want to get baptized as soon as possible so we can get sealed in the temple."
Elder Park just about dropped the phone. It was just the perfect miracle we were looking for! They came to church this past week, and LOVED it! and she will be baptised in 2 weeks!
So funny little fun thing that happend this week, On exchange, Elder Urmston and I found a couch! this guy was getting rid of it, (he just bought a new set and it wasnt in bad shape) and he asked the guy if we could have it and he said that's fine, so we called up this kid jon from the ward, and he helped us get it back to the house! yes, we were cautious: we steam cleaned it like crazy! and because my mother decided to teach me about the witches brew ;),  ( the doterra oils)
it was cleaned with Lemon oil to clean, and cederwood oil to keep the bugs away.
Well i love you guys I will talk to you next week!
Elder Wardell

Note from mom...Funny thing about the mail.... after 2 1/2 months Elder Wardell's new waterproof bag finally arrived in Florida...He is wet and getting rained on almost everyday...a water proof bag was much needed....

The old waterproof case can finally be put away.....

Because my awesome new bag came......!!!! 

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