Monday, September 22, 2014

A week of blessings in Homestead.....


Amy's Baptism....

Weeeell, here's the scoop.

this week was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st, Amy got baptized!!!! they are so amazing! they literally get cooler and cooler every time we see them! and in the coming week, she too will be baptized.! as well the reason the week was more fantastic than a baptism week usually is, is because of all of the new people we have! so the recent convert that moved into the ward, introduced to her family: her uncle is a member, just inactive for most of his life, and his daughters and wife and one son, haven't been baptized. but with Iris,(the recent convert) getting baptized, it kind of re kindled his testimony a little bit. anyway we met with all of them, and they all want to get baptized! it's lookin like it will be sometime within these next couple of weeks! also some old investigators that Elder park had before I got here, were just in salt lake, and toured temple square, then texted us and picked us back up. they too will be getting baptized soon! This next month is going to be amazing! we have transfers coming up soon, and I really hope I stay! so many miracles. One huge miracle that we saw this week, was how Elder Park was sick this week, a little at first and then it grew, but he worked right through it, and now is feeling better! it's a miracle! Well, that's our week! love you guys!
Elder Wardell

This is Dice....he loves to cuddle.....

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