Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Baptism in Homestead!!

well here's the scoop. soo best thing this week, MYRA GOT BAPTISED!!!!
she is SO awesome! we finished up some lessons with her, and she had her interview and was baptised. she loved it it was so lovely. this week she will be confirmed! :) well fun thing that happened this week was that i had to speak in sacrament! in spanish! it was really cool because we have a bi lingual ward, so when i was writing my talk (first time i full wrote my talk) their were certain things i had to mark for the translator. and i also had to speak a little slow with a bunch of pauses so that he wouldnt be trying to figure out my horrible spanish! haha :) it's different but amazing serving in a bi lingual ward. well the work continues to be awesome here! we are building our teaching pool bit by bit, and are also working with an amazing idea on how to be better missionaries. it's difficult but very rewarding. well i'm sorry that this scoop's a little short but i love ya guys! till next week.
Elder Wardell
sorry only one photo from this week.
Myra's baptism

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