Monday, August 25, 2014

Lookout Homestead---The amazing Elders Have arrived!!!


Hello to Homestead....New adventures, New companions, New work to be done...

 Elder Park !!!!!! 

 We discovered my laundry hamper doubles as a bees helmet....needless to say Elder Park and I hit it off quite well this transfer....

Our new "not ghetto" house....

well here's the scoop.
 So, i got transferred! I'm now in the southern most zone in the mission, called the homestead zone, it's kinda cool. it's like a suburban country mix. kinda different. but it's the southern most part of continental forida, and there's one of the key's in my area! next month we are going to be heading down there to visit some people, and get some work done. CAN"T WAIT.
  Well, so my new companion is Elder Park. He is from Herriman Utah. He is totally awesome! He came out round about seven months before i did. we hit it off really well at the beginning of this transfer. We talked a little about cars on the way home, he knows a ton! i was thinking to myself, Oh yes, this will be an excellent transfer. haha
  so there are 2 areas in our ward, the other guys live with us. their names are elder Urmston, from Bakersfield California, and Elder Anderson from bountiful utah. Elder Urmston has been out for a while, and Elder Anderson is brand new, just got outta the mtc. you can hardly tell though he's really awesome!
   so funny thing happened on sunday. we are standing at the front doors welcoming everyone into the building, in both spanish and english cuz we are a bilingual ward(really interesting) and this family walks up whom elder park called the mckees. when i introduced myself, he said what part of vegas are you from? i told him the north and he asked if i knew his nephews! haha, i told him i knew jonah and spencer mckee whom i went to high school with. it was really funny and what a small world! well the work is going amazing! we have this investigator named myra, who is really sweet and awesome, and is getting baptized next sunday! :) i'm just so excited! I've already met a couple of recent convert families who also are really awesome, and just absolutely love the missionaries!
well, i think that's gonna be all for this week,
love  yall.
Elder Wardell

 Elder Unstrom  the new District Leader, yes he smiles sometimes....ha ha jk...he is awesome!!!

Elder Anderson....Greeeenieee....first transfer...He is Elder Unstrom's son.... 

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