Monday, August 4, 2014

Farewells and Miracles

                                                Marlen and her daughter Soann were baptised

                                                       Elder Wardell and Grandma Wardell 

July 28th, 2014 

Weeeeell here's the scoop.
        Well, a bit of sad news from home this past week, and that is that my grandma wardell, has now passed on. all is well though, because grandma has been in bad health for the past while, but mostly has been separated from her sweetheart grandpa wardell for over 25 years. I smile everytime i think that she finally was able to give grandpa callis a hug again. And even more than that, she was also able to meet some family there that she's never before met. namely my sister morgan. Death here is sad, but at the same time, it is what brings us to a happy reunion.
           this week we were able to touch somewhat on that topic with one of our recent converts deysi. this past week we shared with her some of the blessings of the temple. and she told us how she would start preparing to go to the temple. and she was just bubbling with joy when i told her that elder marshall and i would be able to be there when she went through the temple.
Deysi is the sweetest ole cuban lady you'll ever meet. :) she always refers to us as "mis bebes" (my babies).
       also this past week saw some miracles! and my oh my how i love to see miracles! So, last week i wrote home and talked about how our completely awesome investigator dropped us. we were so sad, but elder Cobabe and i kept up our faith that the lord was sending something our way, and he did. on Wednesday, we had ward correlation, and the other elders texted us and said that Marlen and her daughter were there! we zipped right over to the chapel and sure enough, ! they were there. she came up to us after she finished her relief society activity, and told us that the reason we couldn't come by was because the people she was staying with, didn't like the mormon church and said that we weren't able to stop by anymore. but because marlen has a burning testimony, and because she knows the truth of this church, she acted. she acted on her faith, and came to us, and told us that she was moving to detroit but she wanted to get baptized here with us and that she wanted the gift of the holy ghost because she knows how it will guide her in this moment of her life. so last thursday, the day before she left, she and her daughter soann, were baptized and then confirmed!!!
Miracles happen. everyday they are there just waiting for us to recieve them. and we recieve them by our faith. that's why faith leads to joy, and strong faith leads to happiness. that is why it is so important that we demonstrate our faith in prayer and in the scriptures and strengthen it by doing those things everyday. miracles, are pendant on us acting for them. its as simple as that.
well that's a pretty sweet scoop.
:) love yall
Elder Wardell

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