Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference and the Monkey's

Grandma sent me an apron with my name on the front!! And and Awesome package!!! 

Monkeying around at the Zoo....

weeeeeell, here's the scoop.
            soo, this last week was general conference, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! and even better, my little prediction came true! the seventy that spoke before Elder Holland, quien hablo espanol (who spoke Spanish ;) ) spoke about baptism. Even cooler was the fact that THAT WAS THE SESSION WHERE OUR INVESTIGATORS WERE!!!!!!!! I was sooo happy! This conference was amazing! I loved how one recurring thing was the importance to follow the prophet, and the modern prophets. It's something that I have come to a realization that truly answers some of the "why should I.." or just plain "why" questions. Literally, any concern, any doubt, or any hang-up with the church and with any doctrine or principle, past or present, can be answered with the fact that What the prophet reveals, is from god. understanding that, helps me understand that, there are reasons beyond comprehension, and that there is a greater reward in following God's will WITHOUT QUESTION. When we do this, then is Understanding Given to us. To those who know me well, probably know that this is a principle that I struggle with with trivial things. Oh to be perfect! ;) hahaha
but if I had to pick the most important thing to have a testimony of, it would be the restoration. understanding the principles of the restoration, leads to the truth of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation, the commandments (especially), and all other things.
well, for some cool announcements,
So, the week before was transfer week, and in tranfers, new leaders are called. I'm happy to say that the best missionary in the FFLM, Elder Marshall, got called to be a zone leader! Whats really funny, is that Elder Gerhart, and Elder Thompson, the two other elders that I served my first transfer with, are also now Zone Leaders. The whole apartment I was born into are all zone leaders. its weird.
Well, yesterday, was officially 7 months since I reported to the mtc. I could've swore that I just got out of the mtc. it's funny how fast time moves! :)
one very exciting thing that's coming up this week, is that because we have a temple so close in our mission now, we are now able to start doing temple tours! more accurately temple ground tours. this Tuesday, Amy and Danny and their parents, and elder park and myself, will be going to the temple with them for a little grounds tour. We are PUMPED!! because they are now working on being able to be married in the temple! We are so excited.
Well I love yall, I believe that will be all for this week.
Elder Wardell

Note from mom:  Elder's were able to take a trip to the Zoo on Pday.....I love that they are able to have fun and still be the missionaries they are.  These are strong bonds they are building with each other.....

"Selfie" on the way to the Zoo

I just couldn't help myself....

Let me take off the "human mask" for just a minute....

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