Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Great President....PS we know how to cook!


Unplanned dinner with the other three missionaries...

Weeeeell, here's the scoop.
         So, this past week we had president's interviews, which are always fantastic!! I truly believe that we have the best mission president in the whole world! Just talking with him,  and looking at him, you can see the love he has for everyone, and you can just see the awesomeness. literally you can see the awesomeness! it is just, well, AWESOME! haha another really amazing thing that happened this week, happened on saturday. So we went to the ramos family's house, they're the large family, and we knocked on the door. the son who right now is the most solid for baptism was the one who opened the door, and he said, oh 2 seconds, and then the recent convert was the one who came back 5 seconds later and she said, did you not get my text? i pulled the phone out and didn't see any new text. (we have the problematic phone) Well she told us that she and robert were the only ones home. we said that that was ok, and that we could still share a little something with them there on the porch. so we started to talk a little about the importance of baptism, and my companion asked robert who jesus christ is to him. Roberts response was that he didn't know about Jesus Christ. So we explained to him about the life, ministry and sacriafice of the savior. after teaching him that Robert's response was, He did that for me? we of course told him yes. and then we explained that the savior told us that we come to him by baptism. and after we asked robert why he would want to be baptised, and his response was "to thank him, and live the life he wants me to live". It is so true that our heavenly father works through small and simple things, to bring great things to pass. who would have thought that an un-recieved text message, would have led to a miraculous lesson! i know that as robert becomes more solid, it will help us work with the rest of the family! they are awesome!
We also this week, had the chance to meet with another investigator, this girl named jessica from colorado. she met the missionaries over there, and wanted to get baptised, but they moved down here to florida before she could. We have forever been trying to get in contact with her, and finally were able to have a lesson with her and her dad! and we discovered, after teaching the restoration, that he seems to be very interested in the gospel! She right now, says that she wants to wait until she goes back to colorado, before she gets baptised, but i have no doubt that as she makes good friends here, and understands a little more, the importance of baptism, that she will be baptised soon.
well, another little fun thing that happened this week, happened i think thursday at lunchtime. so i ran down stairs and made pasta, the other guys followed behind a couple minutes later, and someone said. "i'm gonna cook a box of pasta." someone else said, "hey do you wanna cook a double batch?" and the third said, "how about a triple batch?" and then they added on a salad, then some garlic bread, then some cobler.
just the series of how it started from nothing and then turned into a little sit down home cooked meal was really funny!
well i love you all, till next week
Elder Wardell

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