Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Baptisms and a Coconut.....

weel heres the scoop.
this week saw TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!! woooohoooooooo
and they were miracles.
dulces problem literally resolved itself last sunday, and she got baptized on tuesday! definitely a miracle. shes so great and has so much faith. we have a couple other investigators who seem to be very promising. and our other baptism was harmony. she is nine. her mother was very inactive and wanted to get active again, and we stopped by to share a little message wtih the,m, and harmony said she wanted to be baptised, so we taught her the lessons, and she also was baptised on sunday. shes wonderful. so smart and has a great spirit. well all was well this week, definitely some faith testers when we had some investigators that were totaly amazing, literally turned 180 degrees opposite and we had to drop them. but its ok, cuz when one door closes, another opens. siempre.(always)
well thats abt it for this week.
Elder Wardell

                                                Brother Cotos---he is totally awesome!!
                                                       Coconut Anticipation.....
                                             That face is a lie, that coconut is one of the 
                                                  weirdest things I have ever tasted....

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  1. I've loved reading these and catching up on his mission! He looks so much older and so grown up in his pictures and it sounds like he's doing a great job and just loving it!! (and seriously..I grew up in Florida and I don't like drinking coconuts..ick)!! :D