Monday, June 2, 2014

An attitude of Gratitude

Saying Goodbye to Elder Gerhart

                                                  Look who was over our door....

No he's not dead, he got up and ran away....

                                                     Stressful day of planning and studying....
Totally Awesome Planner...

Well heres the scoop for the week.
Having a gratitude attitude, ROCKS!!
sadly we didn't see our 2 baptisms this week, one of them was not for like the investigator wasn't sure, she just literally isn't able to be baptized at the moment but that will be resolved hopefully today! the other is just about ready, and we have some amazing investigators for this week!
anyways back to the gratitude attitude.
so in the mission, we have these things called Key indicators, key indicators is basically a progress tracker. and this week we exceeded just about all of our key indicators, and doubled the one for new investigators. we both know that it is directly related to two things. first our gratitude attitude. we made sure to show our gratitude to the lord after every teaching appt. and every harvest session by saying a prayer of thanks. and today during our studies, i got to thinking about gratitude. elder marshall told me a quote from president uchdorf, "that we need to be grateful IN our circumstances." and from that quote i got to thinking. when we do as the lord asks, we are blessed. that is a strict true never bending never failing law of heaven. just look at dc 82 10.
many times we look at how tough things are and become a little ingrateful, and we forget that the lord sees more than we do, and that manytimes, it is infact a blessing what we take to be a trial or tribulation. we always need to be grateful that the lord knows more and sees all, and give thanks for all that we receive, and see. as long as we are righteous, we are blessed.
well florida weather isn't too bad with the exception of the flippin rain. oooh how i hate the rain sometimes. jk i love rain, but not when it comes down hard out of no where for five minutes and then its clear skies. its aggravating. well i love yall, do good, be safe pray always and give thanks!
Elder Wardell.

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