Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1st Transfer

well, this week saw some pretty nice things. :) all of our investigators have progressed even more! this sunday should hopefully see two people swimming!
im so excited. its so amazing when you see peoples eyes light up with the light of the gospel of jesus Christ, and when they come to feel his love in their lives.

the scripture this week that was really a huge help many times, was alma 34 41 where it says. that you would endure all things with patience, with a firm hope that you will oneday rest from your labors. that helpes some of the members that we visited with, and me also this week as well. we should always remember that there is all the blessings of god and jesus christ waithing for us at the end, as long as we work hard. work now, and rest later.
i also had the opportunity this week to watch "on the lords errand the life of thomas s monson", a truly wonderful inspiration, and a great source of much wisdom. it also makes me grateful for my small responsibilities in life, when i see what some others have been placed with, at an age just above my own.
 Elder Marshall and i had an encounter with a man who was totally borracho. it was rather interesting. Borracho means hes had a bit to much to drink.
love yall always keep the faith
Faith is the key to everything.
Elder Wardell
Note From Mom.... This is a picture of Elder Wardell's 1st District in Florida. Two of these Elders have been transferred to a new area and will have two new Elders take their place in this District. In the mission field the missionaries are grouped into Districts, then Zones, and then the Mission. These groups work together for training, support and leadership purposes.

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