Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baptisms and a New Temple

May 5, 2012   

heres the scoop! ait. so this week, was AWESOME!!!!!
oh wow how awesome this was.
lets see, i had my first baptism!!!!! her name is marilyn and this week she was baptized. she has been golden from the start, everything we taught her, just makes so much sense to her and she has been just taking it all in, and half the time she would finish sentences for us. hahaha it was soooo funny. anyways she was baptized and confirmed, and was able to attend the other cool thing that happened this week. THE DEDICATION OF THE FLORIDA FORT LAUDERDALE TEMPLE!!!!!!! its the first and only temple in our whole mission, and we were able to go to its dedeication. President Uchdorf was who came, along with Elder D Todd Cristopherson, Elder Ronald A Rasband, Elder Kent Richards, and Bishop Gary Stephensen. oh my gosh the dedication was beautiful, as is the temple itself. i got here in the last week of the open house and wasnt able to attend that, but now that it is in operation, missionaries may go once a quarter, and you bet ur behind that i will be there every possible time that i can.! oh this week was great. we saw so many miracles and blessings, and had so many wonderful lessons. well unfortunately i do not have more time, so i will have to leave but i love yall, and till next week!.
 Elder Britton

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