Monday, April 28, 2014

Elder Marshal and a Baptism!

 Elder Marshall, my trainer! He is totally Awesome!!

The baptism of Paco Dejesus with his family and Elder Marshall

The scoop!

weeell, time for all of the exciting news.
lets see, Quentin l cook came and visited us last Saturday, i forgot to mention that. and he spoke to us at our mission conference. it was amazing we took a photo with him, the whole mission, and when he was walking in, he patted my shoulder and looked me right in the eye, smiled, and it was awesome. after, as we were making our way to the chapel, we all got to walk past and shake his hand. just being in his vicinity you can tell that he is truly an apostle of the lord jesus Christ. he gave a wonderful talk to us, (none of it was written all by inspiration) and he ended by giving us an apostolic blessing on the whole mission, that by our diligent service in the mission, all of us, and everyone that we hold dear would be blessed for it. it was truly comfort to a bit of trouble in the soul, especially when i have a lot of worries for others at home. it was amazing. also we had an investigator that we taught all of the lessons to, and she was ready from day one to be baptized. she just took everything in it was sooooo great. and the most amazing thing, was when we just finished a lesson one night, her and her husband were at the table, and i had just given him a book of Mormon, with a pass along card of the Nauvoo temple on it as a book mark, when i just felt a prompting to tell those two about the temple. i picked up his pass along card, and said, i want to tell you about this. This is a temple. i pointed at her book because she had a card with the salt lake temple on it and said so is that. there are about 140 something temples in the whole world, and theres even one brand new one here in fort Lauderdale. the temples are a place where we can be with our family for forever. and we can also feel the sweetest feeling there that we can ever feel. the temples are the most beautiful place on earth. they are houses of god. when i told them that i looked over to her, and saw her eyes light up and i could tell that she felt something big when i told her that and that that is what she deeply desired. almost like she had been wondering about it for a while, and had finally just got her answer. it was truly humbling. well that's pretty much it for this week if i had more time, but sadly i don't love yall.
Elder Wardell

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