Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting to teach...

weeeell heres the scoop.  last pday, we had a slight mishap with elder tenney, he popped a tendon out of place in his ankle and it sent his system into shock. we got him to the clinic, and hes all good now, they gave him some stuff for his ankle, got everything fixed up, and he just had to sleep and stay off of his ankle for a couple days and all is well now. so, last friday i came to an interesting discovery, my district is in the advanced spanish course, ahaha we had no idea whatsoever. it was an interesting thing to discover. elder tenney was still really tired that day, so after his checkup after breakfast, elder swensen went to the casa and slept it off, and i went with elder lorimier and elder lee (the other two elderes en mi distrito) haha i didnt even realize that was spanish, anyway during our morning study, me lorimier and lee taught our investigator "erik" ( hes actually our instructor hermano matias) and we taught him about what the priesthood is. after gym, elder swensen and i switched and i stayed home with tenney till dinner. saturday was a really neat day. i got alot of kolipoki style scripture study in, and we also taught an actual ivestigator. he was a friend of Hermana Falcon (our Maestra) and his name was gabriel. we talked to him about his likes and dislikes (it was over skype, and the whole district talked to him) and some of his beliefs. we got to talking about god, and he told us about how he is catholic, and i asked him what he thought about prophets of old. he said that he believed in them.i asked him if he believed they were called of god, and if god appeared to them and talked with them and gave them his authority. he said he believed that. i also asked him if he thought god was the same today as he was in the days of old. and he said that he did. i then asked him, that if god wanted to, (because after the apostles were killed, there were no more prophets) could he call another prophet. he said the figured god could. i then said, well, we believe he did just that. (we taught him in english. he spoke english and for the sake of teaching rather than learning the language, we did it in english) we then taught him about the first vision, and the restoration and the book of mormon. towards the end, we asked him what he thought of all of this, and  he said that, he respected our beliefs, but that he thought his beleifs were good for him. we still asked him if he wanted to read the book of mormon, and he said if you get a copy to me, ill read it, but it wont be in the way you want me to. which is fine, because the only way we ever "want" someone to read it, is simply reading, haha it was ok though we definitely made an impact on him. so, sunday was nice. as it ALWAYS is here. haha sudnay morning we had breakfast and then preisthood, where presidente juarez(first counselor in our branch presidencey or presidencia del rama) talked about power and authority. (poder y autoridad) it was very nice and very powerful. after that we had district meeting, where we just talked about whatever we all of us felt inspired to talk about. after district meeting we had sacrament meeting which is always uplifting and amazing. today was fast sunday, and it was truly amazing to me, to see that the thing that i had fasted for, came to be. it was a great blessing. after sacrament we had lunch, and after that, we had class with president pratt, where he talked about the atonement, now ive had a good lesson about the atonement, and have also heard amazing talks in general conference about the atonement, but never before have i had a lesson like the one we got from presidente pratt. it was truly amazing. i love listening to president carl pratt. he has such an intimate knowledge of the gospel that only comes from years of endless faith and service of the lord. i really hope that i know him later in this life. hes great. funny story about president pratt. so, it was raining, at the end of our class, and president prat went and got in his car, and drove up on the cement right in front of the auditorium so that hermana pratt wouldnt have to walk in the rain. it was hilarious because she came out looking for him, and we said we saw him running to the car, and she was like, oh i told him to take the umbrella. now president pratt doesnt miss anything, and remembers just about everything, which means that he had it planned out. and it was funny when hermana pratt all of a sudden said " oh no he doesn´t" and we see his car rolling up to sidewalk between the tienda and reception. its just funny to know, that our mission president still has a small rebel streak in him. haha. after that we had a devotional (pre recorded) where richard g scott spoke, he spoke about prayer, and it gave me a completely new perspective on prayer. one of these days ill send all of my notes to mom that i took on these devotionals and she will put them up for me,. our sunday night movie was the Testaments, which kinda brought a little pang of homesickness, because the family and i always would watch that one. it was good though. well monday was just a normal day. now tuesday was really awesome. the discussions in class were really interesting, and we had trc where we taught other missionaries as investigators and i had to be an investigator. it was cool. it was also pizza night which is always nice. (the costco pizza in mexico is actually good). and then we had a devotional. lemme just talk about my experience with a change of heart. hahaha before i came into the mtc, i didnt really care for devotionals. and the first devotional we had, i slept right through it. however, now, i look foreward to devotionals and will so definitely miss them. devotional are quite possibly one of the coolest things ever to be thought up. anyway, on tuesday night, we listened to a devotional from david a bednar, and he talked about general conference, (it was an mtc devotional in oct of 2012) and he talked about a really effective way to study general conference. his way that he talked about, was always look for three things in a general conference talk, because there are three things they will always have: Doctrince, Invitation, Blessings. he said that there is always doctrine taught which is valuable teaching, and gave three examples. he talked about how there is always an invitation, to do something that will be beneficial to your spiritual well being, and gave three examples from the previous conferences talks. he then talked about promised blessings that will come from the invitations. he also said that, because the apostles are prophets seers and revelators and hold the same keys as the prophet himself, that when they announce blessings, it is a true, and promised blessing if you do what the blessing required. those arent his exact words but i cant remember what they were. wednesday was just another normal day, and then there was today. usually the first thing we do on our pday, is go straight to email.well today, was the temple trip for our district, now the temple is closed, but we did get to go see it, and go to the visitors center and tour it. it was aweosme, and i bought a really cool picture of moses. well that will be all till next week.

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