Monday, April 28, 2014

Arrived in Florida...April 21, 2014

weeell its scoop time cuz I only have forty minutes left. yeah our mission gets an hour and a half. for email. its totally awesome! whew anyway, so on Tuesday, for the first time in six weeks, I left mexico. we left the ccm at about 230, and rode all the way to the airport, got in checked our bags, everything went off without a hiccup, up until we had to say goodbye to elder lorimier and Hermana melchor. there were a lot of tears. Hermana salima we had to say goodbye to before we even left the ccm it was saddening. but on the bright side, we will see each other again. so we got on our flight, and my head hit the window and I was out. (we didn't sleep Monday night, sooo) then I felt takeoff, and was awake for that, then fell asleep again, didn't wake up until we were getting in to dallas. we get there, go through customs, get our bags checked for the next flight, and then we had to say goodbye to Hermana leatherman and Hermana bailey. it was again sad. but we still had me elders swensen and tenny and four hermanas. it was still a party haha. we got over to our terminal. and we went to the payphones and I called home. asked if it was the wardells and then said, hi mom. :) mom was quiet for a second and then we just laughed and talked. so we got on the plane for fort Lauderdale, elder swensen sat right behind me, and we get going. and I hear this lady talking to elder swensen. she was an older lady, a Baptist, and she was asking him about being a missionary, you know she saw the tag, and we ended up teaching her about the gospel the restoration, and the plan of salvation. mom has more of that in a letter. im almost positive she was touched by what we talked about, and id be interested to talk to her a couple years from now. we got to fort Lauderdale, and when I stepped onto the jetway, my right palm was instantly sweaty. like soaked. dripping, wet. ahaha yes I had my first taste of humidity. it was very interesting. and when we walked into the airport, it was still the same I was like ayayay. haha president and sister Anderson were there waiting for us with big smiles on their faces, we got the bags loaded up, and drove to the hotel. we dropped bags off, then went to president and sister andersons house for dinner and first night orientation. we had a dinner that was roast, carrots potatoes, and cookies and ice cream for dessert. sister Anderson, Is an awesome of a cook as my mother is, I felt like I was home. hahaha well we went to the hotel, slept got up the next morning and went to transfer meeting. we started. and elder swensen and tenny got plucked away, and stayed in the same zone. luckys hahaha. and then, I got my papa. his name is elder marshall. he is TOTALLY AWESOME. he came walking over with a huge smile on his face, and gave me a big hug and was like, aaaah man I knew it! he told me he had picked me out when we came walking in. it was cool. so we loaded up and started for home. we are in north western Miami. the beach is our eastern boundary. haha we are out in the suburbs so theres not a whole lot of city but its not bad. it reminds me a lot of the show burn notice. that was the first thing I thought of when I got to our area. ahaha. we stopped by walmart on the way home to do a bit of shopping, and when got home, the inside of our car was so loaded with stuff, that elder marshall had to get our and unload a bunch of stuff before any of the other three of us could get out. im in the same apartment as my district leader and his comp. yeah so its good, weve had some good experiences so far. we don't do tracting here. we do what is called harvesting, where we knock doors, and tell people that we are representatives of jesus Christ, snd that he sent us there that day to share a prayer of peace and comfort with them. and we actually have a lot of success with it. theres a lot we have to refer to the creole missionaries and the English ones, but theres a lot of people whose lives we touch with it, and we are also one of the highest baptizing missions. well, we have a couple of investigators, one her name is Marilyn is a solid investigator, already accepted baptism we just are teaching her the lessons and she is just taking it all in its so cool. because that apparently doesn't ever happen to greenies in their first transfer, let alone week. so its good. well sadly I haven't anymore time so ill have to sign off till next week. btw I wont be able to send photos till next week cuz I don't have anyway to upload them :( so its sad, but ok anyway, till next week! elder britton wardell

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