Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet Maren....

May 19, 2014
Elder Wardell with Maren...(He says yes, I named my bike Maren, NO, I'm not telling you why!!)
weeell. this week was pretty good. we saw a definite miracle and it is AWESOME
so we have this investigator, that from day one, has just been taking it all in, and loves everything that we share with her, and most importantly, she believes that it is true. The only set back we had with her being able to get baptised, is that her and her boyfriend live together, and they are not married, but she was planning on moving out anyway, but couldnt find a place anywhere, so we told her we would fast for her, so we did, and the literal next day, when we stopped by, she informed us that he had just decided to move out! it was a complete miracle! and now, as a result she will be able to be baptised like she wanted to. her name is so aweome too, it's Dulce Rico, which in english would be, sweet candy. haha soo funny.
so a little cute thing that happened this week was when we visited this family. now the mom is a member, but not active at all and the dad has been investigating for a long time, believes everything, knows its true, but cannot get baptised yet. within abt two weeks though that will change :)!! anyway we were visiting them its the first time ive ever been over there, and i was sitting on the couch, and their little boy comes running up to me, hes a year and a half, and gave me five. i then said to him, "mira" which means "look!" and i held up my watch, close to my face, and whislted and really subtly hit the light button. he thought it was the coolest thing. haha so i did it a couple more times, and then he ran over to elder marshall and said "mira mira!" , and grabbed for his watch. elder marshall started laughing. it was the cutest thing ive seen thus far on my mission. haha. and apparently my spanish IS! improving. because while we were there, they were shocked that ive only been out two and a half months, because they said that my accent was almost perfect. i still think they are just tryin to make me feel better haha.
well i had some great times in the scriptures this week. and also in preach my gospel.
on page 61 in PMG there are two quotes that really stuck out to me "because of his atonement christ can plead with the father on our behalf"   I've always grown up always knowing that his atonement was necessary but never really actually understood like WHY it was necessary till i read that quote. because christ took upon our sins he, when the day comes, will be able to talk with the father on our behalf, with complete understanding of us.
the other, is "..(christ) forgives our sins when we accept him, repent and obey his commandments. through the atonement and living the gospel we become worthy to enter gods presence.."
the two key words in that are forgives, and living. forgives is in the present form which means it is happening right now, every progessing second. its not just a one time thing.
the other is living. we dont just live the gospel one time, thats it we are good. we need to live it, and keep living it, always renewing and remembering every covenant and we can have the reward. its a day by day thing.
in alma 34 alma is talking to the zoramites, and tells them about prayer, Cry unto him for mercy, humble yourselves, continue in prayer, in the fields, houses, morning day and night, against your enemies, against the devil, for the crops, for your flocks, pour out your souls, in your secret places. continually for your welfare and for those around you. he teaches them to pray for everything everywhere always. and then teaches them that its not all, but to do as christ would, and that if they dont their prayer is in vain. Faith (prayer) without works(do as christ would) is dead
james 2-17 and alma 34 14-29
gotta run! next week!

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