Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Loving Florida....

May 12, 2014

Our chapel sits on the water....
weeell, heres the scoop for the week. not  a lot of exciting stuff, like nothing major happened.
however we did learn a valuable lesson about teaching.
members present.
we also had a lot of MPL's (member present lessons) this week, and myyy how they make a HUGE difference. MPL's the difference that having a member with you can be described as the difference that Alma had, when Amulek was there: you had alma, who had just this great knowledge of the gospel, and was ready and willing to teach it, but nobody listened to him. they didn't know him. he was different from them. When he had amulek there with him, he had someone, that the people recognized to be one of them. Some one they could relate to. some one that was the same as them. As missionaries, ive already seen this manytimes. how people just shut us out because they see a couple of teenage white guys who can't hardly speak their language. they see someone that they don't know. someone that is different than them. And then we bring a member by, they see someone that is around their same age. who has had their same experiences. someone who looks the same as they do. someone who speaks their exact language. and when that person bears pure testimony in the same fashion that we do, and when they see that he testifies of the same truth that we do, and brings the same spirit that we do, they see us as the same. they listen to us. the difference in missionary work with members, than with out, is like using a rowboat, or a powerboat. you'll get there, but the one gets you there faster. Elder Marshall and I will definitely make it a priority to have a member at our lessons whenever we can.
that and always saying our prayer of thanks after everything. it makes us look for all of the good that we get in life, and from that we receive even more blessings.
love yall Elder Wardell.

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