Monday, April 20, 2015

The Lord will qualify you....


this is me, inspecting the engine of a lamborghini haha you know me.
(I asked why this car was parked on the grass....Elder Wardell responded...
"Mom, who knows , it was also covered with a bunch of junk from the tree...."
ha ha, made his day to see the car, made mine to see it on the grass...funny....

The Ultimate voice stealer 9000, complete with speaker accesory.
haha it's nice i have a bit of MoTab to listen to now!

 One of the worlds greatest inventions: my good friend Kari Bea Ner. I call it Aunt Bea. haha

Yes the force is still strong with me. haha Greatest gift from a missionary ever!

Well here's the scoop, 
So, last week, we went right after email, to another area, with the whole zone and played a gnarly game of ultimate frisbee. we wanted to play ultimate boomerang, ( we found a boomerang and have gotten pretty good with it) but no one else could figure out how to use it. so :( haha but we played a gnarly game of ultimate frisbee so that was really fun! and then after volleyball. 
We also had a rather interestingly not-fun experience this week, so we go over to this one family's house, and they make arepas (they are venezuelan) and they were really good, and then we go home. Well Elder Cobabe, was on exchange with us, and so we were up really late talking, so i was really tired, but then, in the wee hours of way before the morning time, i suddenly wake up, and feel a rather weird stomach feeling. needless to say, frequent trips were made to the bathroom all wednesday morning. haha, and then finally when the bathroom trips ceased, my stomach just resorted to feeling like it was trying to digest a brick, so needless to say, much of wednesday was spent in bed sipping gatorade. (Tried Peptobismol for the first time, YUCK!!!!!!!!!) Lesson learned: Arepas, might not agree with Elder Wardell's tummy.
So, you might be asking, why am i telling this? because the rest of this story, really highlights the grace of God. 
So we have been working with our investigator thomas, and we had an appointment with him for wednesday evening, but the problem, was that elder hansen and i were both lying in bed sick. However when it was about a half hour away from where we were going to visit thomas, we really felt that we couldnt miss that appointment, and we each of us felt a little better. and so, we get up, get dressed, and pray that we will be well enough to be able to finish out the night, and then we go. we bike all the way down to thomas, (lemme tell ya, worst time biking of my LIFE) and we get there, and fortunately he was there. So, we felt like we needed to re teach him the restoration, and we taught it to him, using this teaching method that our mission is adopting, and what was marvelous, was when we were on the first vision, after elder hansen and i both testified about how we know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God, Thomas looked up at us and said,  I believe it. and then after when we invited him to be baptised he said yes! and we set him a date!! 
Elder Hansen and I still felt crappy and exhausted, during the time we taught thomas, and finished the night and then biked back home, and for me, like there was a smaller brick in the stomach, but none the less though through a blessing from God, we were able to finish the night without problem. 
Moral of the story: 1 Nephi 3:7. when the Lord wants something done, he will qualify you to do it. you might not get the best qualifications, but youll be qualified none the less. Don't ever be scared with what challenges lie in front of a task, those are just attempts from a very clever adversary to stop you from achieving full potential and greatness.
Well that's all for this week!
Love yall talk to you next week.
Elder Wardell

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