Monday, November 9, 2015

So long Blue Lagoon...

This is why I will miss Elder Bedke..foot soak during study time...


so speaking of scoop, haha we literally got "a scoop" of ice cream at church. not quite sure where that came from but yeah!
Sooo, This is transfer week, aaaaaaand, I"M STAYING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH ELDER BEDKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not what the transfer call said. hahaha i wish that it was the case, but sadly elder bedke and i are both transferring out of Blue lagoon. We are actually pretty sure that it's just getting combined with the other blue lagoon area, because the ward boundaries were just changed, and the ward got cut almost in half. So we are pretty sure that Blue Lagoon east and west will just be Blue Lagoon now. So sad! six of the happiest months of my life were spent here and it's now come to and end. :( it's like i just got here! and now it't poooof vanished away, anyway before any of you all get trunky for me, i'll give you a cool rundown of what we had cooking this last week. 
So, we had sweet maria, who is getting baptised this weekend! she came to church this wee and absolutely loved it! haha she's super excited for her baptism. so excited in fact that when we were in sunday school she smiled and looked at us and started pointing, when the teacher pulled out the painting of christ being baptised. And then she also told me that i was whiter than milk in our lesson with her. :) haha she's such a sweet old lady. doesn't qutie have a filter betweeen her mind and her mouth! :) haha
Well sadly, i'm outta time so i gotta cut this short. :( but i love you all! and miss yall.
Elder Wardell


 Trolling on Elder Gomez...

Rough day.....

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