Monday, November 9, 2015

Welcome to Hialeah and all Spanish....

Elder Lemmon

Last day in Blue Lagoon.... 


So here's what's new.
OYE CHICO! Que bola hacere! jajaja I'm finally in the Hialeah zone. I'm in an area that's completely Cuban! haha literally there's like no English here. actually since my first area, this is the first time that I've been in a straight all Spanish ward! super excited about that. So I
transferred down here, i'm with Elder Lemmon now. He's from texas, and he's really cool. He actually came in with elder Hansen who I got to see at transfers this last transfer meeting. that was really exciting. aslo speaking of transfers, another one of my former companions just went home. :( elder marshall went home at the end of the transfer before this last one, and then elder Park just gave his last testimony at transfer meeting, along with all the other dying missionaries. it's ok though. I've really been blessed on my mission with my companions. I've not had a companion that I didn't like. it's really nice. Well we are finally back in rainy season here. haha it's poured a TON every day since Wednesday. on Saturday the weather was straight bi polar. just couldn't make up it's mind on whether or not It wanted to pour or sprinkle. it would pour, sprinkle, pour, flood, then the sun would come out, and then it would be floodwater again, and all of this in aobut five minutes. (i'm serious) weather is weird in florida hahaha.
Well, when elder lemmon and I were driving home from transfers, he informed me that we had a baptism coming up in the ward, so it was really nice to be able just come into an area and immediately baptize two people! :) haha they have worked with the missionaries already for a long time and finally made the decision to get baptized. it was great.
Well, I love yall, this is the scoop for this last week! love ya
talk to you next week
Elder Wardell.

Elder Pukahi, he's back home in Hawaii now....

Mi Hijo....Elder Hansen, Elder Wardell 

Locking the blue Lagoon house....  :(

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