Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms, and Miracles....loving the life of a Missionary!!

3-30-15 Note from Mom:  We recieved a voice recording from Elder Wardell! He told us a little bit about his mission. He LOVES his mission! 

 Yasnay's Baptism

 The Posterity
Elder Hansen, Elder Marshall, Elder Wardell 

sorry the scoops gonna have to be real short
had to write some necessary emails :( 
this week was awesome! Yasnay got baptised and then confirmed, miracles happen and hard work pays off! Maria, came to church and was crying durning i stand all amazed, cuz she felt the spirit. we are excited for conference this weekend so that she can hear the voice of a living prophet. love you guys!

 Sweet new tie!  Thanks Grandma!! 

 Come listen to Elder Wardell's voice
Trying out the new voice recorder! 


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