Monday, March 9, 2015

Exchanges, Family time and Biscuits and Gravy

So me, my son and the three ap's. haha all in the MAN VAN (the ap's drive a dodge's pretty dope not gonna lie)
 front l-r: Elder Marshall, elder Sorensen 
middle l-r: hijo mio (my son), me, 
exile: Elder Burgoyne (love that guy)

Note from Mom: 
From time to time the Elder's (or Sister's )  will work with another missionary. They will "exchange" companions and work for the day with a different missionary other than their regular companion.  In Elder Wardell's mission, they are usually on exchanges with their District Leaders, or their Zone leaders. After Elder Zwick's training, they will now be also going on exchanges with the "AP's" (Assistants to the President).  
Weeeell here's the scoop,
     So, everyone has heard of the thing called the exchange. usually who exchanges with who just climbs the food chain: missionaries with district leaders, DL's with Zone Leaders, ZL's with the Assistants to the President, and then the AP's are always around President, who frequently get's training from the seventies and the 12, and, well you know who they get training from hahaha.
Well, after Elder Zwick was here, he mentioned that he wanted the AP's to do something different: Now they don't do exchanges with the ZL's, they exchange with the trainer's and trainees. It's a wacky exchange too, because the trainer and trainee go into the ap's area. Why do i bring this up? because Elder Hansen just got to take a 2 day trip out of our area into the AP's area. it was actually really fun, mainly because i actually got to have some flash back time. so if you remember my first emails from the field, you will remember reading about a missionary named elder marshall, who trained me. (eh he's an alright guy) ;) love you elder marshall! (he too is reading this) 
anyway, if you read back a few emails, about halfway through my time in jupiter, you'll find that he was called to be an assistant the the president! so, needless to say, I GOT TO SPEND 2 DAYS WITH MY POPS!!!!! haha it was a ton a fun and a wave of memories, to go knocking doors with elder marshall agian. and this time we were actually on bike! funny enough out of all the time that i was ever around elder marshall, it was literally the 3rd time i ever rode a bike with him. it was fun.
especially with a biscuits n gravy breakfast. i think it's the new exchange tradition.

oh this last week on the fifth, was officially one year! since i left for my mission!

well the area is doing well! we are working with this young man named robert, who's really intelligent, one of the few people who has actually read the bible and understands it rather well. he lives with this part member family who we are also working with. he's come to church the past couple of weeks, and right now we are just doing what we can to held him gain a testimony. 

Sadly, Yasnay was not able to come to church this last week, but it's ok, she's still cool, and still puttin along for her baptism! so all is well there. 

Well as sad as it is, i am now just barely over email time, so i gotta get off, but i love you all! 
can't wait to talk to you next week.
Elder Wardell

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