Monday, March 2, 2015

Zone Conference and Reunions....

March 2, 2015
 The dynamic trio reunited 
Elder Tenney, Elder Wardell, Elder Swensen

 Son, Father, Grandfather
Elder Hansen, Elder Wardell, Elder Marshall

 Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no Evil

Guess who the semi-intelligent one is?? That's MY BOY!!! 

weeeeeeeeeeell here's the scoop.
So some exciting things that happened this last week, we had zone conference!
Zone conferences are always a ton of fun because there's always missionaries that you have served around, there's the missionaries that are in your old areas that you can talk to, etc etc it's alwas a ton of fun! i got to chat with elder tenney and elder swensen which is always a blast, (funny enough, elder swensen, when he left his greenie area, kicked me out of my greenie area, and then when he left there, he went to elder tenny's greenie area! it's really funny.) I also got to chat with my pops Elder Marshall, (worlds biggest goofball lemme tell ya! ;))
well we had a ton of visits with the members this week! it's really nice cuz this ward is amazing!!!
they absolutely love the missionaries, and that means food! and also photos that get sent home, so my mother is always happy. haha

Well this last week saw a lot of good stuff with the work! Sadly we had to drop robert the atheist, but he just truly didn't have a desire to believe. that was the reason that he wasnt seeing the evidence of faith was because he didn't have a desire to believe. but, Yasnay, the daughter of the recent convert we have been working with, came to church! we were so happy to have her there, and in meeting with her earlier in the week, we taught her the plan of salvation! It's always amazing to me when we get to teach the plan of salvation. Whenever i think about the plan of salvation, i'm just grateful. grateful to have been born and raised in the true church of god, that has the blessings of a living prophet, who can recieve knowledge of things like the plan of salvation. I mean, how many people do we know that say, yeah god has a plan, but that's all they know? it's truly marvelous to me.
Well yasnay is going full steam ahead prepping for baptism, as well as this guy carlos that we found, with whom we shared the restoration. we left his home, with the comment from him, "wow, i really need to read this book" (book of mormon) 
next week will definitely have exciting news! well i love yall! can't wait to talk to ya next week.
Elder Wardell

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