Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Losing a Son!!

I love to visit the temple
Beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple at Night.....

 Taking  Jimmy and Maria to visit the temple, Bishop, Elder Hansen, Jimmy, Maria, Elder Wardell

I will always have a connection to this temple...my name is on a missionary list in that cornerstone box! 

Saying good bye to the tie....

The posterity tie, signed by my father, his father, his grandfather, now signed by me and passed on to my son...Elder Hansen will take the tie with him....going to miss him!! 


Weeeeeeell Here's the scoop
 So, sadly, as we found out last night, apparently for whatever reason, somebody has seen fit to rob me of my only child! ahaha Yep, Elder Hansen is shipping out, and Elder Wardell is staying for another transfer! :) sad as all get out that he's leaving but happier than a pig in the mud for getting to stay!!!!! i really do like this area a ton! next to las baleadas de Hna Rojas! ;) there's hardly any food that can compare! that and I'll still get to work with jimmy, and maria, Hopefully they will be married this next transfer! speaking of those two, we just got to go to the temple! sadly we didn't GO to the temple, but we got to do a temple tour with them last tuesday, and it was just FANTASTIC!!!
The spirit there was SO strong! haha there's a small entryway right before the lobby, that we can go in, and be able to look through these glass windows in the doors into the lobby, and just really FEEL the spirit, and elder hansen and i both were like, " I wanted to walk in soooooooooooooooooooo bad haha" 
well, i love yall! scoops gonna have to be a little short this week but next week will definitely be good! take care till next week.
Elder Wardell

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