Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's day and Miracles....

 Sometimes planning can get a little crazy.....

 Got a new haircut.....

Mother's Day Skype....is that happiness or what??? He is loving every minute of his mission!!!


weeell here's the scoop.
 For all of you spanish speakers i have a joke that i learned. 
Cual vino es el mas malo? .........Vino la Suegra!!!!!!!! JAAAAJAJAJAJA

(for you english speakers i'll attempt to explain haha)
So in eh-spanish, vino means wine, and also means "she came", and Suegra, means "mother-in-law". So in the joke it's, "which wine (vino) is the worst?" "The mother-in-law came(vino)" 

So on a more spiritual side of things, Maria came to church again! She's making progress. It's kinda slow but definitely sure. She will be pickin up steam here quick. She's like a train, strong a mighty, it just takes a bit to get rollin but then there's no stopping it. We also got to see a really cool miracle, we got a referral over the phone for a guy named carlos who requested a book of mormon. we went over there to drop it off to him, and we ended up teaching him the restoration! He loved it! We left him with a commitment to read the passage in alma 32, and we left. Well five minutes after we pedaled out, we get a text on the phone from him that said: "hey i just wanted to say thanks for the book. i started reading what you left and realized that i didnt say thanks so thanks"!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME! :) i jumped for joy when i read that text. He also came to church, and is prepping for baptism on the 23rd!!!! :) we are excited. 
Well we got to skype home yesterday. It was cool to see the whole family. It's weird i only have 1 phonecall left! Crazy how time flies. it's the reason we are counseled to sprint in our work. 
Well i gotta roll, but there's a quote from PMG that i really want to share, and it says, "true doctrine, understood changes attitudes. a strong study of the doctrines of the gospel will change behavior faster than a study of behavior will change behavior."
Boyd K Packer.
Well i love yall,
gotta roll but take care!
Elder Wardell

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