Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Work is going great!

***Elder Wardell forgot to add the titles for the photos he sent... the Mom will add them...I'm quite sure they won't tell the whole story of this weeks pictures....

 Edler Bedke...Dart gun gone amuk?? 

  Super Hero on my planner cover??

 Pancake version of Egg toasts?? 


to be really straight to the point,
this week our area BLEW UP! :) We, have been really raising the bar in our mission on being exactly obedient, and elder Bedke and myself have been consistently re analizing what we can do to be even more obdient. and boy have we seen miracles from it. We have found a ton of new people, 3 of which are prepping for baptism! And there's one miracle in specific that i want to talk about.
So, we were goin along, and we had like 2 appointments that fell through, and we went and taught our new investigators, and as we were leaving, our phone falls off my lap and the batteriy falls out. our power button doesnt work, so we couldnt turn it back on. :( missionary work in this day and age without a phone, can be a little rough jaja.PAUSE 
 This is where the shout out goes out to my parents. "mom why can't i have a phone!" "cuz, you're not 16." "Not fair!" "You'll thank me later! ;)" 
It's later, THANK YOOOOOOOOOOU!! haha.
so, we went over to a members house, to call the other two to get the number of the phone missionary, but they didnt pick up. so we look up the mission offices phone number, but it was saturday and when we called, it was closed. so then we were like, we will just call the mission president, and get the phone number from him, *tip for missionaries, memorize the mission presidents phone number! jaja and so we called a couple people, finally got the phone number, call the mission president, and he didn't pick up. haha, finally though, the other two called us back, we got the phone number, and got the phone thing figured out. all is well. haha but what happend is that we were at the members house for about 40 minutes. and as we were biking away, we were like, oooh, we need to tell the other two about the dinner appointment. :( it's ok we will just head towards their house and look for a payphone! (half jokingly) we are biking along, and we find a payphone! :) hahaha
we are crossing this intersection, and this guy drives through, right in front of us and says, HEY DO YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT JESUS? and we of course said yeah. 
he pulls into the gas station, and gets out, and asks us a couple of questions, that require Plan of Salvation knowledge. we answer his question, and he says, Well show me that specifically in the bible! it's gotta be in the word of god! And after he goes on this semi rant, slightly bashing, and told us of some of the "wrongs" of Joseph Smith, and after we heard him out, we both of us, bore our testimonies of Joseph Smith as a prophet, and very calmly told him, about how neither of us had heard of the things that he said about joseph smith, taught him the restoration, and then said, think of the days of jesus, the pharisees and what not made up all sorts of things about him, because they knew who he was. And if joseph smith was truly gods prophet, then similar type things would be said of him. and then he admitted to us how he never read the book of mormon, and we really helped him see, how misinformed he had been. he left, with a book of mormon, and a promise to read it, and called us brothers. it was all guided by the spirit, and was truly amazing! there's far more to this story but i'm outta time! love yall!
Elder Wardell

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