Monday, July 6, 2015

Blessings of the Gospel


Elder Bedke and I at our Melgadon desks

 Learning to make tortillas.....

Learning to make Baleadas....
Dinner at the Rojas's makes for happy missionaries.....

well, here's da scoop!
so this last week, we were really blessed to be able to meet a bunch of people! we also had our investigator lenay, who alsmost came to church. :( sadly she had to take her mom to the air port that day, and a ton of junk happened there that blocked her from coming to church :( but she by herself set herself up for next week. to come to church so we are so excited for that! :)
well we had a really neat experience this last week. So, discouragement in the mission, only comes if you let it. on the same note however, the saddest thing that you face in the mission, is when you knock a door, in the effort to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to someone and it instantly gets rejected. and the worst part is so many times people dont know what they are instantly saying no to. It is one of the worst things. So many have no clue as to what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, nor more importantly what it can do, and before you have to chance to explain, BAM door shut. 
So, we have been praying more and more, to be led to those that the lord has prepared to recieve the gospel. those that are willing to hear, and who aren't spiritually deaf. the other day, we were biking along, and this guy called out to us, and long story short,
he said it's time for a refreshing in his life. We taught him about how god's gospel that we can use to have a fresh start in life has been restored. He LOVED it! we had to pass him to another set of missionaries, but it was still a direct answer to prayer! 
Ok, quick thought and something cool i discovered this week.
So many times, people argue about church. and it's all about this church or that church. And many times people say, well church is what saves us.
It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that saves. The GOSPEL not church. So then here's the question, why was a church set up in the first place? the church was set up to administer the gospel.
for example. 
School doesn't make you smart. Education, the knowledge makes you smart.
However, school, is an organization through which we are "administered" (given) the education.
The gospel saves not specifically the church. This is the message that we carry to people is that, christ set up his church once again, with his authority, so that he could adminitster his complete gospel. well, i love yall! 
Elder Wardell

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