Monday, July 6, 2015

Prayers are answered....


Lenay got rid of her coffee.....

 Boy were we excited!!

 Happy elders at church....

Ants at Walmart looked bored...we gave them something to do....

weeeell here's the scoop.
so, something really cool to share.
we've been constantly praying to find those who are LOOKING for the restored gospel, and this last week, we were able to teach a member's sister, who was telling us about how she left her church because of stuff she didn't like there, and then how she was looking at her sister's church, and was telling us about just how wonderful she felt about it, especially about the message of the restoration. It was AMAZING! haha
we also were knocking doors, and we find this one lady, and she asked us, (almost suspiciously)
what the name of the pastor of our church was. So we told her that the church is in the whole world, and that there's a living prophet who leads it. when we said 'prophet' her eyes got as big as dinner plates and about bugged outta her head! haha she bolted past us and was like "Ven conmigo! Ven conmigo!!" (Come with me! come with me!) we followed here around the house to her little side apartment, and gave here a quick rundown of the restoration,(didn't have a ton of time :(  ) but she told us about how much she's excited to learn more about what we said!
To be short, THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as well, we taught our investigator Lenay the word of wisdom, and she let us take her coffe away!!!!!!!!! haha it was awesome!
Love yall!
Elder Wardell

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