Monday, July 6, 2015

Teaching Lenay.....

 Helping a family move last week.
...lots of hard work....
For Elder Bedke that is.....

So here's the scoop.
so we have this really awesome investigator named lenay and to be short, SHE'S GETTING BAPTISED TOMORROW!!!!!!!
ima just tell you about some of the miracles that we have seen with this woman. 
She was taught by the missionaries 3 years ago. She was amazing, kept her commitments, quit smoking, etc. they had to drop her, because she just dropped off of the face of the planet. they lost contact. We tried contacting some less actives off of the list, and we go by her house, and try to contact a less active, but end up sharing a prayer with our current investigator. She agrees to have us come back, and then when we come back, we discover that she's really cool, and she told us that she had worked with the missionaries before. she also told us that she still had her book of mormon, and had read alot of it. then, we lost contact with her too. she hadn't answered the door, didn't answer the phone, nothin. and dropped her. but then one day as we were biking past her street, elder bedke says, "let's go visit lenay, and just veers off to the left" haha i had no choice but to follow. we go over there, and she basically told us what happened and to make a long story short, SHE'S STILL REALLY COOL. We teach her about baptism, she accepts, she's been reading in the bom, still had been living the word of wisdom, (at least far better than she had ben before.). Then we teach her the word of wisdom, she ditches her coffee instantly. we teach her about sabbath day, and she informs us that even though she just got a brand new job, and they tried scheduleing her for sunday that she doesn't work sundays. we taught her tithing and she instantly accepts. we invited her to have nightly family prayer with her two daughters and they do now. every night. she is hands down THE most elect person i have ever worked with! Elder Bedke and i are super excited to talk with her now about the temple and the rest of it all!

she's super amazing!
Well that'll be just about all for this week love you all!
Elder Wardell.

Btw new mission rule, mail is no longer to be sent to the mission office. now it goes directly to the apartment. so, apartment address is, 
220 NW 48th Ct, front
Miami Florida
ill post transfer dates, because you shouldn't send a letter very close to tranfers cuz if i transfer, and a letter get's here after me, well, haha missionaries aren't very good at getting lost letters where they should go. ahahaha

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