Monday, July 6, 2015

Staying in Blue Lagoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH  and i forgot to mention,
I"M STAYING IN BLUE LAGOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with elder bedke! totally excited he's a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 With maria, throwing away her coffee...

 Us throwing away the coffee....

First purchase if Elder Bedke and I got to stay...

Now we can have a cold soda in our study room...yes I gave up soda, but decided one once in a while was ok

here's the scoop.
So, to start off, 
CARLOS GOT BAPTISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha, not here with us but up in north carolina, but the point is, is he is super awesome!
He's already excited about going to the temple, he's started working on family history, 
he's going to be doing a mission to italy or rome, he's going to be teaching for a year in utah,
(he's got a doctorate's degree in like 5 things,) In short, he's AMAZING!!!!!
Also, Maria, is going to be baptised on the 20th of this month! we taught her the word of wisdom, and were able to take out a bunch of coffee! it was awesome!
we were also very blessed this past week to have been able to find a bunch of new people to teach. There's also something i would like to talk about,
There's a very imortant hour here in the mission: the food hour. and i'm not talking about food. 
Every morning we have, beginning at 8 oclock something called personal study, where we are able to give 1 full hour to a study of the scriptures, preach my gospel, church magazines, basically the words of the living prophets. but the reason i call it the food hour is because it's supposed to be a spiritual FEAST!!!!!!
There's a guy named Hyrum Smith, (no not the brother of joseph, a different guy) that was speaking on this subject and he said, (speaking a little on this topic,) "there's a difference between eating and feasting. missionaries know the difference. eating is when they cook for themselves, and feasting is when they have a meal with a member. feasting is stuffing, glutting taking it all in." in (i think)2 nephi, 32: 3, it says, "...FEAST on the words of christ." and why? because the words of christ tell us ALL THINGS which we should do. What brother smith was addressing with that talk, was why so many missionaries come home, go in active, or say things like, "boy i miss the spirit in the mission." and he explained, that this is one of the reasons. he said, "....and instead of feasting on the words of christ every day, it turns into maybe... 20 minutes before preisthood because we have a lesson to prepare." 
Notice how Script, as in, the script for a play, and SCRIPT-ures. have the same basic root. 
just like a script tells what to do in a play, the scriptures(words of christ) are our script for our time here in life. Just tossing them aside, and not giving them any attention, would be like trying to go through a play, without ever looking at the script. 
Well that's my thought for this week
love you!
Elder Wardell

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