Monday, January 5, 2015

Birthday for a Missionary

 Letter from 1-5-14 
First day as a grown up... a respectable 20 year old! 

 Last night as a teenager...

weeell here's the scoop.
I'm officially NOT A TEEENAGER!!!!!
funny as it worked out, as of this very day. so now that i'm officially 20 years old, guess what i'm gonna do? 
that's right, have a normal pday and then get back to missionary work! :) haha pday will be fun today though  we are going to lunch at this awesome pizza place, because this amazing member gave a rather generous check, and then we are going bowling, and then we are finsihing the pday off at the home of a member, and then after 6, the best part. back to work! I'm really loving my mission work. it's definitely hard, the hardest thing of my life so far, but it's totally worth it. for instance, yesterday, we found this pretty cool guy, who is a member, just hasnt been to church for a year and a half, that wants to get back. he's really great. you know, of all of my mission, for me personally the greatest thing is reactivation. Don't misunderstand, baptisms are amazing, and it's so wonderful to see the joy that comes into peoples lives and the light that comes to their eyes when they go under and come out of the water, but so much more exciting and wonderful, is to see the blessings that come to peoples lives when that light comes back to their eyes! i absolutely love it when we have the opportunity to work with members who for whatever reason, have fallen away a little bit, who may sometimes feel they have gone to far, or just can't come back, and then we bring them back. i love to see the blessings they get in life, and the pure joy they feel, when they feel the pure love of our savior. that is the thing i love the best.
so we are working with that brother, and we are also working with a guy named steve. Long story short, we found steve, prayed with him, taught him about the atonement, (because he told us that he want's to feel gods forgiveness,) and we invited him to be baptised and he said yes.
so we were at church and we ended up talking about baptisms for the dead, and he wants to do baptisms for his family, and asked what he needs to do to be able to do that. 
we are more than happy to oblige :)
haha Well i love yall, 
Till next week,.
Elder Wardell
 Some days are tougher than other days...

Especially when you have to fix your bike a ton...

Arm Wrestling....

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