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Christmas in Florida...

 Letter from 12-29-14
 Me, about to step into the Stingray...

 Calender from Home

 Elder Rubio bowling...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell here's the scoop
well, as you all might very well possibly know, unless you are buddhist, it was cristmas this last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder rubio and i had a blast this past week. we woke up and immedieatly went out to open presents, and boy was there a plethora (mom ;) hahaha) of wrapping paper to be torn. that was becasue i got an awesome box from not only my parents, but also my awesome grandma as well!!
and actually family, i think gram loves me the most because i got TWO boxes from her! yeah, guess who i'm livin with after the mission ;) haha and also an awesome box from aunt val and uncle stacey. Elder Rubio and I loved the stockings. they are so cool.
well, this past week we also had the opportunity to skype home, and after all of the many tears not shed, hahaha yeah it was awesome to get to see the fam bam! it's crazy to cuz next week when i email home, i will be 20! and it will officially be 10 months since i left for my mission!. that was yesterday wasn't it?
well another amazing thing that happened this past week, was we got invited over to a members home, for a christmas eve dinner, dessert, and awesome gift exchange game. and as most of you know, Elder Wardell loves cars, luckily, brother Jaimes, does as well, and he was kind enough to let us take some awesome photos with/in his BRAND NEW 2014 CORVETTE STINGRAY!  I was overjoyed. haha it was awesome. 
and this last pday, we also went bowling! i just remembered that. we went with the sisters in our district to a bowling alley and we had a blast! well i love you guys! that'll be all for this week
talk to you guys next week.
Elder Wardel

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