Monday, January 5, 2015

Lessons we learn....

Letter from 12-8-14

Well, Here's the scoop.
     So, this past week, i had an AWESOME opportunity to go on an exchange with my BOSS zone leader, Elder Mendenhall. He is just awesome! we talked about alot of cool missionary things, and alot of ways to improve in missionary work. it was AWESOME. we finished the night with dinner with his recent convert, (Elder Mendenhall served in jupiter north, i think right before i came into the mission) Matt. Matt is the bomb. we actually today for pday are going to matt's beach house for a barbecue with us the other two, and four other elders it's gonna be sweet!
so last pday, we went to the duck pond, and fed the ducks, and elder Moorali, convinced us to go to this Hippie store!!!!! it was rather interesting. well, our week here, this past week wasn't our best week. Some of the people that we have been working with are not ready to recieve the gospel. or as we like to say, bums. And, we have commited the unforgiveable sin in the mission of, not working with the members. Let me explain to you the difference of working with members, and working by yourself as a missionary. You can cook with a fire, or with a lighter.  slightly exaggerated yes, but truly, members are THE gamechanger in missionary work is the members. do all that you can to help the missionaries in their missionary service, because if every investigators were to meet members, and if every lesson with an investigator had member present, baptisms would skyrocket and we would see the membership grow dramatically! this is why prophets have spoken, every member a missionary. it's a mistake that i need to rectify, and something that every missionary needs. so wherever you are, please help the missionaries. you don't just help them, you literally save souls. and great is the joy when we labor in the service of our god. you do not need a name tag and a fancy title to be a missionary. 
well i love yall.!
Elder Wardell

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