Monday, January 5, 2015

Man that Cooks--gets many blessings!

Letter from 12-1-15 

weell, here's the scoop!
I've discovered that biscuits and gravy in the mission field, and in the misssionary apartment, made by another missionary fresh in the morning at 7 oclock, seems to be a rather awesome bribery tool! haha Elder Rubio and I kicked off last week with biscuits and gravy, and i later had them with Elder Hayward, whilst we were on exchange. And as soon as the zone leaders heard that i had made biscuits and gravy, they decided it was high time that we had an exchange with them too! so i think i've decided to just make it an exchange tradition. also, because it was thanksgiving week, i had decided to go a little crazy in the kitchen, and also made some kind of a corn bread, with pork sausage mixed in, Elder rubio and i loved it and it made for a good breakfast and lunch. Yes, we are striving for a healthy diet! haha. but thanksgiving day was pretty good! we got to eat at 3 seperate appointments, and then again with this awesome recent convert family on friday. it was AWESOME!!!!!!! Well, Elder Hayward and I were on exchange last week, and i discovered that this exchange was the first one out of my whole mission, where i acutally spent the night at a different house. i had never been on exchange before where i left the house so it was pretty cool! We had a gnarly comp study that talked about the difference between captain moroni and teancum and why it's important to do as moroni did.
it was pretty cool!
well, i love yall, talk to ya next week!
Elder Wardell

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