Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to save some miles....

3/4 pound of bacon in one sitting is NOT a good idea....

20 sided paper die...ultimate way to settle things....


weeell here's the scoop!
Well, one of the most exciting things in the mission, is when you get to have a car. What puts some rain on the parade, is when you're limited on miles. and you have to share the car with another set of elders. but it's ok. so, we decide it's time this month to actually budget some miles, and not go over at the end of the month. so what we do, is we bike always, and use the car only when we need to. and we get to about the last week of the month, and we realize, "hey we have 500 miles to drive with for one week!" and then it hits us: it was because of all of our diligence, and determination in biking this WHOLE month, that now, there are enough miles that THE OTHER ELDERS get to drive for the rest of the month!!!!!!! hahaha thus is the mission life. 
Well one of the most beautiful things is the power of prayer, becasue of specific prayers, and diligence, and not complaining when we thought prayers weren't answered, we were able to see some awesome miracles this last week.
Elder Rubio prayed at the beginning of our session of knocking (Elder Zwick threw down, we no longer call it Harvesting) that we would find someone who has heard of the church and the BOM 
who would really have a sincere desire to learn more about it.
as we were wallking back to the car, we find this guy, that asks us who we are, and then asks us why are we called mormons, so we happily explained those things, taught him some of the restoration, and left him with a BOM, a return appointment, and his sincere promise to read it.
we also prayed last night before a session of knocking that we would find someone who would be soft hearted to let the gospel into their life, and who would TRULY recognize us as the representatives of Jesus Christ. though we didn't find them in that session of knocking, we didn't complain didn't murmer,  just kept our faith. we went to visit a less active, and lo and behold, his neighbor is there. and we ended up teaching him about the gospel, and about baptism and commited him to be baptised, which he accepted. the beautiful part was that this at the same time was helping the lessa active brother re kindle his fire for church.
Literal Miracles come from prayer. and not EVER losing faith in the answer. quite simply, if you pray sincerely, the lord will answer. nuff said.
Well, i lvoe you all.
can't wait to talk to you again!
Elder Wardell

 Emergency kidney removal

 Or chicken marinade...take your pick...

redneck grillin...didn't quite "pan"out...ha ha, yeah didn't work...

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