Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet my in Blue Lagoon West

Monday 2-9-15

 Posterity Photo: (LtoR)  Elder Hansen(the son)  Elder Wardell (the father)  Elder Marshall (Elder W's father and Elder Hansen's grandfather)! 

 Papanwa and Hijo

Elder Hansen and Elder Wardell -- first day of work!!

Note from mom: They have their own family structure in the mission field. Who ever is your trainer becomes your father, and when you train a new missionary he is still your father and now a grandfather, and your new missionary becomes your son.  This is the simple version, it spreads through the family tree so much I can't keep up!   Love that these Elders can have so much fun and make such lasting friendships, all while focusing on the work they are there to do!

Weeeell Here's the scoop.

Area Update: So, big news first i guess, BACK IN MIAMI BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in a ward called the blue lagoon ward! Just up the road is La Tierra Prometida! (the promised land) Yes, i am right now in an area just around the corner from the place of my nacimiento(birth). and most importantly i get to speah EH-spanish again! haha i was so happy when i realized this. funny little miracle that happened, so before, in all of my areas before, i (as i have been told) apparently speak really good spanish, but the problem i had was i couldn't understand it very well, but ya know? prays are answered. i've been praying for help in understanding spanish and ya know? since i've been here in miami again, i've understood just about everything that's been said! it's truly miraculous. 

Fun Times of the week: well, i had to say goodbye to jupiter south this last week. :( i was really sad to go becuase i really loved that area, especially Elder Rubio. but it's all good i'm back in miami

Big News: So, just as I said last week I am training now, and in the mission field, when you train, your trainee is referred to as your child, so I HAVE A SON!!!!!! He's just about awesome in every way except for one: HE'S FROM UTAH!!!!!!! haha it's ok though the atonement is real. He's totally great though! His name is Elder Hansen, and he's completely tranquilo, but funny but smart and completely eager for the work! No training required! it's like the toy you get on christmas day that doesn't need anything but to just be opened up and played with it's amazing!

Well, that's gonna be all for this week
Love you all! :) Elder Wardell

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