Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Investigators and Saying Goodbye...


ha ha, so have you ever had laundry in the dryer and you discover its time to go and you need to put socks on, and you don't have any extra cause they're in the dryer? There's a simple solution for that. 

The ultimate win against Sister Salmond


Weeeell Here's the scoop.

Area Update: So, through a wonderful tool called, Teach Where You Find, and Find Where You Teach, Elder Rubio and I were able to find these two AWESOME guys named Anthony and tony. We have already taught them about the plan of salvation, the gospel, and the restoration, they believe, love it, wanto be baptised, and are working towards baptism!!!!!! We'll stop there though and the news section will explain why
Fun Times of the week: so, one of the sisters in my district and i, had this running game going, of "tag" with this really funny magnetic christmas tree. well, because transfers is coming up this week, we all of us in the district passed around the journals to sign. I left the "winning" signature. we also had to prepare to teach a lesson in creole, which is rather interesting. I'm actually learning creole now, along with espanol, because it can literally be learned through the book, it's cool.

Big News: Well, I guess it's time for the big news. as always the adventure of the mission continues. and sad to say, though it has been awesome these past three months, with a FANTASTIC little imported companion, ;) (Elder Rubio that's you!) sadly this chapter of the adventure is now closing. Tomorrow, I will be in a different area, with a different companion. And i should say that the next chapter of the advetnure has already been broken wide open!!! : the way that we find out if we transfer, is our zone leaders have a conference call witht the whole zone to say who stays who transfers, and if someone is training. well, they read my name, and it read, "Elder Wardell transfers.....AND TRAINS!!!!!!!" Yep, as of tomorrow I will be a proud poppa of a greenie! We're gonna need all the prayers we can get! haha well that's about all, next week will definitely have some more info!
I love you all!
Elder Wardell

brushin up on the Creole, Kolipoki style with Restoration Pamphlets

 The only FFLM missionary that's more goofy than I am...

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