Monday, February 9, 2015

Kindness does Matter....

 Monday 2-9-15

Welcome to Blue Lagoon Ward... Elder Hansen and Elder Wardell    Thanks Sister Zeron

Lunch in Miami with Sister Sanders and Family
 L to R:  Elder Pukahi, Elder Kiser, Elder Hansen, Elder Wardell 

Elder Hansen and Elder Wardell 

We received a text on Saturday with pictures of our son and his new companion Elder Hansen! This was so fun to get an unexpected picture from the mission field.  Not only that, with the way transfers work in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission, our Elder told us last week he would be transferring, but he didn't know where he was going until Wednesday a day AFTER P-day and email day! That means we have to wait until the next Monday to find out where he moved to and who his new companion is.   On Saturday when my text went off, I sure was not expecting to see Pictures of my son, his new companion, and the other two Elders they live with and who all share the same ward.  As if that wasn't blessing enough, on Sunday I got home from church to find a photo on my email from a kind Sister in their new Ward, telling us they were so excited to welcome our Sons to the Blue Lagoon Ward.  Thank you Thank you ! This mom's heart was full with joy from the kindness of others!  It was fun to know a couple of days early that our Elder is back in Miami... Yay! he loves it there and gets to use his Spanish there. He is in a different part of the city than before but he was so excited! The adventures continue. We are so grateful!  Happy Monday!!!

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