Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loving Blue Lagoon


Weeeell Here's the scoop.

Area Update: Well, we were very blessed this last week to be able to see a miracle in finding alot of people! there is one person we are working with right now, that has accepted a baptismal date, and is prepping to be baptised! she's the daughter of a really cool recent convert named margarita. haha you could say that we picked up a new investigator in margaritaville. ahahaha yes i thought it was funny. we also have this guy named robert that we will be working with, who said he was atheist, but after elder pukahi and hansen prayed with him ( we were on exchange) he said that he didn't feel anything, but that answers don't always come instantly, so we have a return appointment, and we will be meeting with him soon! it's looking to be really good here in blue lagoon west!

Fun Times of the week: so, for a spanish greenie, one of the first phrases they learn, is the phrase, "como no?" literally translated it is "how not?" correctly translated it is, "why not?" the way they learn it though is because they think it means something else haha. So, latins are kinda notorious for feeding the missionaries alot of food. and so, we taught the new missionaries, that if their stomachs are just packed and they can't eat alot of food all they need to say, when the sister asks, "quiere mas?"(do you want more?) all they need to say is "i eat not" so we (Elder Pukahi and I) were like, how do you say, I eat, they said, como, and we said how do you say not? and they said no, and we were like, exactly, so it's... and they said como no? yep. and we just waited for forever! and we were at this member's house, and we had baleadas (the BEST)!!!! and we were just so full elder pukahi ate 10 and i put down 8, and elder kiser and elder hansen were just like, uuuuh cuz their stomachs were so full. and then sister rojas asks them, quieren mas? (do you two want more?) and they both at the same time said, oh, como no. and sister rojas got really excited and said, si? queiren mas? and then elder hansen and kiser were like, uuuh and then elder pukahi and i just lost it, we just started laughing so hard!!!!!! it was so funny. it was then that we told them, como no means why not. haha
well i love yall, but i've gotta run.!
till next week. 
Elder Wardell.
These are pictures sent to us from Sister Rojas. 

 Elder Kiser, Elder Hansen, Elder Pukahi, Elder Wardell 

  Dinner with the Rojas family...yummy Baleadas

 Elders in church...

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